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5 Mistakes The Muscle Food Team Made During Freshers’ Week Page 2

2. We got drunk on an empty stomach

Muscle Food freshers' week

As our social media guy demonstrates right here – this is not a good idea…

Now chances are you’ve already heard this tip from that one mate who’s probably going to become a borderline alcoholic in the future – “don’t eat before drinking, because you will get drunk quicker and save money.”

While it’s true what he/she said, it’s also the stupidest advice you could ever follow. Food slows down alcohol absorption, and not having this protective wall of the good stuff can seriously harm your body.

Going out without the carbs, protein and fats your body needs means your alcohol tolerance is dangerously low, and you’ll go from sober to smashed in minutes!

Not good for the whole health thing, or if you’re trying to make a good first impression in front of the other Freshers.

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