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6 Tips To Get Back To The Gym After That Rest Day Turns Into A Week… Or Month

  • Whether it’s being too busy to get that workout in, or not wanting to go out in the cold Autumn months, we’re all guilty of skipping the gym for days (even weeks or months) at a time

  • As that subscription fee comes out of your account every month, you feel guilty but never do anything about it

  • So, how do you push yourself to get back on that waggon and start again? Here are 6 tips.

1. Pack your gym kit and go workout straight after work, rather than going home first

Gym Kit

You go home after work to get your gym kit, but the very moment you sit to watch some TV, you are NOT leaving that sofa.

It’s so much harder to go home then back out again, so give yourself no excuse to not get to the gym. Pack your kit and leave it in your car boot, ready to drive straight to your class.

2. Take 5 minutes to plan your next few days of exercise

Workout plan

Whether it’s on a Sunday night before next week or a random 5 minutes to yourself, make a plan and stick to it.

Write it up and stick it somewhere you’ll see it often – whether it’s on your bathroom mirror or the fridge. Once you complete a one part of it, tick it off!

This will motivate you to do more.

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