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6 Tips To Get Back To The Gym After That Rest Day Turns Into A Week… Or Month Page Two

3. Make a date with your friend to workout

Workout with a friend

Working out with a friend helps to keep you motivated on the machines. You’ll be less likely to bail because of it.

Think about it – whenever you work out on your own, you’re more likely to tell yourself you’ve had enough when really you just can’t be bothered.

Having someone telling you to keep going is much better for that!

4. Set up a playlist of bangers

Workout music

Love Metal or EDM, music is an essential for good workouts – proven by the psychology behind it!

If you need inspiration to go back to the gym after a while, set up a playlist of your favourite songs. Absolute bangers that you know gets you back into it.

Combine that with the gym kit in your car and just get yourself back into it, and you’ll be back in no time.

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