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7 Tips To Help You Lose Weight & Burn Fat Without Going To The Gym

By Melody Coleman

  • Getting fit without easy access to the gym is NOT easy
  • Whether it’s a full time job, travelling or caring for children, it’s difficult to keep up with your fitness plan
  • Melody Coleman lists 7 Tips To Help You Lose Weight Without Going To The Gym

Building strength and fitness to a good level is no easy task.

woman working out


You make a solid plan, put in the hours at the gym, and stay dedicated no matter what life throws at you.

Sometimes though, we find ourselves in a situation whilst travelling, caring for children, or busy with work, where we are away from the necessary fitness facilities to maintain a consistent training schedule. 

We tell ourselves that if our goals are really important to us, then we will find a way to achieve them.

But what happens when we don't have all the resources available?

Well, with a little imagination and some small compromises, there are still plenty of ways to keep moving steadily towards your health and fitness targets. 

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