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7 Tips To Help You Lose Weight & Burn Fat Without Going To The Gym

By Melody Coleman

Step 3: Assess which resources you have available

asses which resources you have

Think outside the box!

You might not have a set of dumbbells in your home, but you can perform a great strength workout using just your bodyweight and a sturdy table or chair.

Maybe you don't have a pool to swim in, but some floor space and a resistance band can be used for a great cardio workout with some added drills to improve your strength and flexibility in the pool.

Perhaps your gym buddy is away, but a family pet or a laptop connected to YouTube can help keep you motivated to exercise. 

If your limiting resource is time, then it's understandable that you might not even be able to work out from home.

There are still a number of ways you can keep fit, however.

asses which resources you have

Take "taking the stairs" one step further: how about a 4 minute Tabata (HIIT workout invented by Prof. Izumi Tabata) stair-run before you shower in the morning?

If you don't have stairs, try it with burpees.

Make tidying and cleaning your home a tougher fitness task by squatting twice each time you pick something up, carrying laundry baskets overhead, or working a little harder to thoroughly "wax on, wax off" your windows.

Spending time with the kids offers a whole host of opportunities to have fun and get your heart rate up, and it'll no doubt set an example and do your sprogs some good, too!

All these extra little efforts can total better muscle activation, greater cardiovascular challenge, and increased energy expenditure throughout the course of a day. 

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