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7 Tips To Help You Lose Weight & Burn Fat Without Going To The Gym

By Melody Coleman

Step 7: Strength inspiration

strength inspiration

In the absence of any real heavy equipment, it can be hard to get a good strength workout done outside of the gym.

Often the best alternative is your own bodyweight: movements like press-ups (one-handed if you're having to do too many reps), pistol squats, pull-ups, handstand press-ups, rows, and dips provide a great all-round strength challenge. 

Sometimes it can be really useful to protect yourself from injury by working on your movement patterns, mobility, or smaller supporting muscles.

Pilates or yoga style workouts are great for improving these qualities, and often need zero equipment.

General stretching, ice baths, or trigger point therapies can also improve your mobility, speed workout recovery, and reduce your risk of injury.

Target supporting muscles with a core or glute workout, and something as simple as a jar of peanut butter could be used as resistance for shoulder external rotations, which strengthen the rotator cuff muscles. 

Working out at home or in a hotel room might not be the ideal option for you, but make the most of what you've got.

Put on a timer, turn up your favourite tunes, and enjoy the fact that you've overcome all obstacles and are working towards your goals regardless. Bonus: no queue for the showers. 

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