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Surely THIS Can’t Be Right – Girls As Young As 8-Years-Old Subjected To Body Image Pressure

Researchers have found that playing an internet game about makeovers for 10 minutes made young girls immediately want a slimmer figure. Surely this pressure is not right… Is it?

The latest games amongst youngsters are the likes of ‘Dream Date Dress Up,’ which encourages players to try and make themselves more attractive compared to their date.

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After playing these games in the study for 10 minutes, the school kids were asked to draw the silhouette of a body shape that they believe represented their one, and one they most desired.

The results, scarily, showed them drawing larger figures to represent themselves and a ‘significantly’ slimmer body for their desire.

Body dissatisfaction is already a problem amongst both men and women as it is – with men feeling forced to take steroids and British women having the lowest self-esteem in the world. While encouraging a healthy lifestyle is positive, surely this amount of pressure from such a young age isn’t good…

In fact, Ofcom warned about this in 2014, saying that children were becoming more and more addicted to these games. But in the end, it’s up to you.

What are your thoughts on these games projecting body pressures onto young children? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.


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