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The £29 Healthy Food Box Disrupting The £200 Billion UK Grocery Industry

Supermarkets have not made eating well easy. How a healthy food company is changing the way people shop for food and NO it isn't a subscription.

by Alex Mills
July 3rd 2017
Muscle Food Lean Selection Hamper

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The State of The Grocery Industry

Popping down to your local supermarket will be your first port of call when it comes to filling your fridge and cupboards, but when you’re trying to slim down and live a healthier lifestyle it can be a struggle.

That’s because supermarkets do not cater for people trying to lose weight. Burgers which contain 16% fat, sausages with 18% fat, cheese which is 35% fat.

This is not healthy food.

Secondly, when supermarkets do offer lower fat alternatives you are charged more for trying to eat healthier. Making foods healthier costs more, but they also know people will pay extra to look and feel good.

And finally, doing your weekly shop at the supermarket takes too long. On average, we spend 2.3 hours every week shopping which we could spend exercising or prepping food.

That’s 5.5 days per year!

The Solution

That’s why Muscle Food, the UK’s leading online fresh food store, is disrupting the supermarket regime.

By developing hundreds of lower fat products that taste good, Muscle Food are making it possible to enjoy your favourite foods and still lose weight.

From steaks trimmed to contain 65% less fat to bread with 81% less carbs than you would find in most supermarkets, Muscle Food are making it easier to eat healthy and achieve your target weight.

They also work in partnership with meat and veg producers, which gives them better pricing so they can offer lower prices than the supermarkets.

And because Muscle Food deliver their food in advanced chilled packaging fresh to your home or office, they save you doing your weekly shop.

Over 540,000 people across the UK have already fallen in love with Muscle Food because of their award-winning produce and fair pricing.

For a limited time, you can get £30 off your first Muscle Food order and enjoy Great Taste Award winning food for less than £1 per meal.

How Muscle Food Works In 3 Steps

1) Receive Fresh Food

Receive Fresh Food

2) Cook Tasty Recipes

Cook Tasty Recipes

3) Enjoy Healthy Food

Enjoy Healthy Food

Not A Subscription

You can order whenever you want. If you want to receive an order every 4, 6, 8 or 10 weeks you can have that, or you can order just once.

The choice is yours.

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