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Gymtimidation POLL: Who Intimidates You Most At The Gym?

  • According to our previous poll, 12% of you skip visits to the gym because you feel intimidated… You’re not alone!

  • All of us here at Muscle Food HQ get intimidated by certain folks at the gym, but we want to know who really gets you on the back foot.

  • Read through our personality types of intimidating gym goers below and take your pick on the poll at the bottom!

Gym workout cartoon

Gymtimidation is real, and 12% of you actively avoid going to the gym because of intimidating people at the gym.

We asked around the team here at Muscle Food HQ and shortlisted some of these personalities. A LOT of you will know a person like these, so let us know in the poll at the bottom who intimidates you the most!

Girls who lift (more than you)

This one is summed up by the name really… It’s bad to base stuff on gender, but when some guys hit the weights and see a girl next to them lifting so much more, that’s some sure-fire intimidation!

The Workout Grunter

And the same for women too, you really don’t want to work out next to that ridiculous beefcake who sounds like the blend of a dying cat with an Adam’s apple whenever he lifts…

The Space Hogger

Lifting dumbbells at one side of the gym, followed by strides to the other side and squats. You don’t need all that space, and it makes me nervous while working out.

The Rowdy Crowd in Free Weights

Working out with friends is good, but if I’ve gone there on my own and see 10 of you screaming around one bench press, you best believe I’m staying away from free weights.

The Free Weight Slammer

You’ve probably seen this type before – hoists up the weight and just drops it. That massive weight bounces around and you fear for your toes!

The Life Storyteller

Look, I don’t care about why your abs reduced when you started squatting, random person. I’m here to work out!

The Over-Encourager

I’m all for egging each other on when working out, but is that massive slap on the back necessary? I’m not your “bro.”

The Selfie Addict

Great you want to brag about your workout on snapchat, but I don’t want to be in the back of that shot! Consider my sweaty self as “away from the free weights” today.

The Full-Frontal Assault

Naked man sliding into changing room

Full-Frontal nudity is simply not needed in a gym changing room. And the terrifying moment you sit down on a bench and come face to face (on eye-level) with some old bloke’s tackle. Unsubscribe from life.

So, now you know the types of people we mean, let us know who intimidates you the most in the poll below!

Share your thoughts in the comments!


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