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A Christmas Message From

Since it’s the day before Christmas, I thought I’d take some time out from the usual health-based articles to wish you all a Merry Christmas from everyone here at Muscle Food!

Like me, I hope you’re taking this time to relax with friends and family – maybe watching the awesome films on TV this Christmas Eve.

Think of this as our version of the Royal Christmas Message, except I’m not the Queen (but I can pull off a crown pretty well).

Darren Can Pull Off A Crown

As we welcome more and more people just like yourself to the Muscle Food family, we’re learning one important lesson – more people are beginning to care about health & fitness, which is incredible.

I started this company with a simple (yet ambitious) goal to empower the nation to eat healthy, and we cannot be more proud of every person who looks to our small family business for the means to do so.

In the face of ever-growing numbers of stories condemning this country’s obesity problem, it can seem like Britain is turning into an unhealthy nation with no motivation to do something about it.

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Transformation Story

But you are bucking that trend. Yes you, dear reader, amongst the hundreds of thousands of loyal customers who buy from us, are the reason why I don’t agree with this assumption.

We are more motivated than ever. Current consumer technology is gently nudging us to get some exercise and eat healthy. The general food industry is being brought into control with reducing sugar and fat levels. Even the TV is telling you to get out the house more!

And while 2016 may have been a weird year in some respects, one thing remains a constant – you.

Every Dietary Effort Counts

Whatever your motivation – from a dream of competing or impressing your crush, or feeling better for yourself – it’s important. Whether you’ve caught the gym bug and the weight section is your new home, or you’re enjoying frequent walks with your family, every dietary effort counts.

And to help you in these efforts, you have turned to us. For that, we thank you. This company is nothing without you.

We hope you have the happiest of Christmases, and we look forward to helping you more in 2017.