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Your Favourite Healthy Snack Bars Aren’t As Healthy As You Think – They May Contain Nearly As Much Sugar As A Mars Bar

  • A lot of snack bars claim to be healthy, but are actually SKY HIGH in sugar content

  • While sales are soaring with people looking for less sugary foods, these wholesome-looking bars can be as sugary as a chocolate bar

  • They may even lack the fibre and protein to make them worthwhile

  • Luckily, we do a WHOLE RANGE of Protein Snack Bar alternatives

  • Did we miss any sugary snacks? Let us know in the comments!

healthy snack bars

STOP! That healthy snack bar may not be as healthy as you think… In fact, for all the impressive credentials you see – gluten free, 100% “natural,” it turns out some are as sugary as a chocolate bar.

Not only that, but they lack the fibre and protein to maintain your muscle mass and keep you going until the next meal.

So what are the worst offenders? Well, dietitian Helen Bond took a look at some of the leading brands and picked them out.

Boots Shapers Strawberry Nougat Bar

Boots Shapers Bar

It’s in the Shapers range… It should be healthy, right? WRONG! With 9.1g per bar, low fibre and protein, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference All Butter Flapjack

Sainsburys taste the difference bar

Taste the difference – feel the increasing difference on your waistline… There is this false assumption that flapjacks are healthy because they’re made of oats. However, with one third of the maximum saturated fat a woman should have and nearly 5 teaspoons of sugar, this is anything but healthy.

Cadbury Brunch Bar Raisin

Cadbury Brunch Bar

I see the attraction – wholegrain oat flakes, raisins – seems healthy. But the oat content isn’t enough to provide the filling fibre content needed here. And there’s a whopping 13g of sugar coming from free sugar, syrups and honey…

Go Ahead Yoghurt Breaks Forest Fruits

Go Ahead Yoghurt Break Bar

With sneaky nutritional information presented per slice rather than per pack, be careful as to not go a bit crazy with the over-the-top sugar here! Plus, the protein and fibre is low, meaning your hunger pangs won’t go away.

Pret Popcorn Bar

Pret Popcorn Bar

This may be gluten free, but without fibre and protein, this certainly won’t kill those hunger cravings. And with 17% of your maximum daily sugar intake, give this one a miss for the sake of your macros.

So what’s the alternative? As we said above, we offer a whole range of healthy snacking alternatives that come packed with fibre and protein. But let’s take a look at just one of them!

Musclefood vanilla crispy bar

Every Vanilla Crispy Bar brings a MASSIVE 9.9g of filling fibre to the table, along with a HIGH 14.8g protein and a tiny 2.8g of sugar.

When it comes to snacking, there’s only one tasty option...


Let us know if you spotted any deceptively sugary snacks in the comments!


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