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2. Take Sodium Bicarbonate with Fresh Lemon

To restore alkalinity and balance after a heavy night out, and to avoid sickness, drink a glass of water mixed with a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate and freshly squeezed lemon.

As alcohol increases acidity of the stomach the need to restore the normal PH in your body. (normally around 7.365).

So, taking sodium bicarbonate makes a great natural cure for hangovers as it neutralizes the acid in your stomach and reduces the gastrointestinal symptoms of hangovers. On a sports performance level, research shows that taking a sodium bicarbonate as a supplement can buffer lactic acid and increase oxygen levels.

As I've said previously in humans, our PH is naturally close to neutral. It normally stays around 7.4 in blood and 7.0 in muscle cells. Outside of tis range you become sick and acidic and hence why you feel rubbish after a night on the town.

You function and perform best when your acid-alkaline balance remains close to this target, which is why your body has various ways to maintain these levels.

However, certain diseases or external factors can disrupt this balance. One of these factors is high-intensity exercise, also known as anaerobic exercise.

During anaerobic exercise, your body's demand for oxygen exceeds the available supply. As a result, your muscles cannot rely on oxygen to produce energy.

Instead, they must switch to a different pathway - the anaerobic pathway.

Creating energy through the anaerobic pathway produces lactic acid. Too much lactic acid decreases your muscle cells' PH below the optimal 7.0.

This disrupted balance limits energy production and may also reduce your muscles' ability to contract. Both of these effects ultimately lead to fatigue, which reduces exercise performance.

"Performance during high-intensity exercise, such as sprinting, may be improved with short-term creatine loading, and high effort exercise lasting 1-7 min may be improved through bicarbonate loading immediately prior to activity."International Journal Of Sports Nutrition. 1999 Jun; 9(2):229-39.

So, whether you are doing 10 sets in the gym or having 10 pints in the pub, load up on sodium bicarbonate to restore your gut's PH balance!

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