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7. Do interval Training… by drinking water

OK you are used to doing interval training, so why not try doing some Fartlek Training on the drinking side?

First question - what's Fartlek Training? Well, it's intermittent bursts of steady training followed by high bursts of running. Helpful in the gym, but you can use this method when you are partying.

For example, have 1 glass of water for every drink you buy, or for every 3 glasses, take 2 glasses of water. It's kind of like doing intervals - but you are staying hydrated and wont collapse on the floor too early, as you are upping your water intake.

Staying hydrated during the party season will give you less of a hangover. As alcohol is a diuretic we need to drink more water. So, rather than drinking another Craft Beer or glass of bubbles, why don't you have a pint of water instead? That way, you'll be more likely to function the next day.

When we party, you deplete precious vitamins and minerals - which means your water-soluble nutrients are the first to be affected as they come out when as dehydration occurs.

I can kind of tell if any of my clients have been on the sauce the night before, as they are already drenched in sweat after just the warm up! When you are hungover, it shows you are nutritionally depleted, so nip it in the bud early on.

Go on - drink some water before you think about having another alcoholic drink. Plus plan ahead and drink plenty of water before and during the party. Before it goes belly up and someone gets another round in or tops you up with more bubbles.

Drink a big glass of lemon water before bedtime and when you wake up, making sure it's warm to avoid an upset stomach.

This allows your body to start detoxifying itself early on and rid your body of the vast amounts of toxins formed during the breakdown of alcohol.

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