British Red Tractor Assurance is available on selected products.

Our high welfare British Veal is RSPCA Assured.


8. B - Prepared

When drinking vast amounts of alcohol, you lose those essential B vitamins. Load up on these essential vitamins beforehand, to reduce your chances of a thumping headache.

If you have a B complex at home don't wait to take it in the morning when you already feel awful. Take one or two before bed and load up on B Vitamin rich foods like kale, beetroot, peppers, to prevent that post party hangover.

Or better still get some Free-range grass fed Irish Steaks from Muscle Foods and top them with some poached eggs the morning after!


9. Plan Ahead

If you know you are going out, don't wait till you see the buffet cart and try to make a leaning tower of PIZZA out of that processed buffet food and overeat.

Eat smart beforehand and stock up on some tasty lean protein like turkey, fish and poultry which are high amino acids and also help the liver detoxify itself.

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