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Our high welfare British Veal is RSPCA Assured.


10. Milk Thistle

Take some Milk Thistle about 3 weeks before party season, Milk thistle contains silymarin and silybin, which are antioxidants that help give the liver boost from overindulging, including when you go on a bender.

Not only has silymarin been found to increase glutathione levels, but it also may help to regenerate the cells of the liver. Take Milk Thistle about 3 weeks before and take it daily during the festive season to avoid an upset stomach.


11. Honey & Banana Smoothie

When you are hungover, you feel like a sack of spuds and with a low blood sugar levels combined with a banging head can seem like someone is hitting you over the head with a ton of bricks.

So, to give yourself a pick me up, try making a honey and banana smoothie. Just whack in a banana, almond milk and a dollop of honey in a blender and you will soon perk up. Plus, the honey will soothe your throat if you've been trying to do a bit of karaoke.

Good Quality Protein + hydration + Vitamin B + Milk Thistle you should be feeling like a million dollars during party season!

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