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How Dangerous Is Weight Cutting?

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It’s a weight loss method done so often in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) that it’s become the norm, but just how dangerous is weight cutting?

Well, considering fighters have died from the practice, it’s time to take the issue very seriously indeed.

MMA fighters have been known to dehydrate themselves to shed at least 10 per cent of their body weight in less than 24 hours in order to hit weigh in goals for their class.

Once weigh in is complete, it’s a race against time to refuel and put the weight back on before the fight itself.

The practice is so extreme that it’s considered to be more dangerous than the sport itself placing huge strain on the body and mentally torturing the participants.

In fact just last year, heavyweight competitor Bellator’s Dada 5000 almost lost his life as a result of the custom.

Dada, real name Dhafir Harris, reportedly cut 40lbs in the weeks before his headline fight with Kimbo Slice to make the 265lb heavyweight limit.

But Dada collapsed mid way through the third round and reports stated his heart stopped on the way to the hospital before he underwent life-saving treatment for kidney failure.

So why, in the name of sport, do so many young men risk their lives?

Obsession? Vanity? Curiosity? Greed? People can earn millions from this sport…

Whatever the reason, it’s obvious there is a serious problem.

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