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QUIZ: How good is your work life balance?

  • Your work life balance has been found to be a matter of life and death, as research shows a poor balance increases the risk of early death

  • What is your work balance like? How does it match up to the nation?

  • Take our poll below and find out!

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It can be tricky to get that work life balance just right – especially as responsibilities mount up and you lose that time to be calm.

Working hours get longer, expectations get higher, your will to progress up the work chain gets stronger and before you know it, your life isn’t really that much of a life. It’s just work.

One study has found that a lifestyle like this can increase the risk of early death, and another suggests that a bad balance could even lead to depression.

However, if you can find a way to manage these pressures and make time to enjoy life, this can lead to an increase in motivated productivity and greater levels of happiness.

But what is your work life balance actually like? Take the quiz and find out!

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