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We Counted How Many Calories Are In Euro Fans’ Favourite Snacks – And How Much Football It’ll Take To Burn Them Off

STOP! Put that match beer down and listen closely… We’ve done some research into exactly how many calories are in your favourite football snacks – and how much exercise you would need to do to burn them off.

People drinking beer and eating pizza while watching football

Our study shows some surprisingly BIG numbers – which will take a lot of kickabout time to work off. We all know that it’s not healthy to snack on fatty snacks, but the amount of football needed to burn off these popular items definitely came as a shock to us.

For starters, devouring a pack of chocolate biscuits whilst watching the game is a massive mistake, taking almost three hours to make up for the 1,485 calories consumed.

Noshing on nachos can be bad news too – as the average portion of just 6-8 nachos contains 346 calories! Expect to be playing a shade under one half of football – 38 minutes to be specific. Either that, or take a look at our very own Toritos and cut those calories completely…

What about the standard stadium snack – the faithful Beef and onion pie? Well, with a HUGE 552 calories, this beast will a massive 61 minutes to sweat off… But (yep, you guessed it) we have an amazing alternative with JUST 350 calories, a high 45.5g protein and a gorgeous taste!

Or maybe you’ve got more of a mid-game sweet tooth, which you fix with a bar of chocolate. Well at 1,050 calories in a 200g bar, you will be playing one hour 56 minutes of football to kick the excess.

But what about the world’s favourite drink while watching the match – a beer? Your standard 500ml can contains 220 calories, requiring a 24 minute kickabout. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? But, of course, multiply this a few time to take into account 90 minutes of drinking time…

Glasses of beer in front of Football on TV

And finally, the worst TV-viewing offender – pizza. Get ready for four hours on the pitch after indulging, as one pizza can contain a HUGE 2,269 calories! But worry not, pizza lover, because we’ve got your back with our Mighty Meaty Protein Pizza, with just over 600 calories in an ENTIRE PIZZA!

So what have we learnt here? Well, we’re all guilty of indulging once in a while, and the amount of time required on the pitch to make up for these treats means we need to be watching our waistlines alongside Euro 2016.

One of the ways we try to avoid overeating is by creating alternatives with lower fat and calories, like all the goodies we sell right here on Muscle Food. Eat guilt-free and enjoy!

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