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Are Your Kid’s Lunches Actually Healthy? One Dad Reveals The Shocking Sugary School Lunches You Could Be Feeding Them

  • How healthy is your children’s school lunchbox?
  • One Dad went undercover to find out – with shocking results
  • Your children’s lunch could contain nearly 50g of sugar!
  • NHS guidelines say children aged 4-6 years old should have no more than 19g sugar a day
  • Sugary lunches lack the slow releasing energy to help children maintain concentration all day

School lunch boxes look innocent enough, but how much sugar is hiding in there?

One parent has gone undercover and found out the shocking truth – your child’s meal could contain 49.5g of SUGAR!

When it comes to raising a child, one of the biggest challenges is making sure they eat a balanced diet – which is certainly not made easy by the brightly coloured unhealthy options.

Grumpy child healthy school lunch

It's common to see grumpy faces like these when you try to give kids a healthy packed lunch...

When shopping for lunchbox friendly items, it’s easy to fall for the huge range of yoghurts, drinks and snack bars that are perceived to be “healthy” …

But what if I was to say these healthy items could contain DOUBLE the sugar than your child’s daily recommendation?

Well, you could be running that risk with some seriously sugary lunchbox items.

Father-of-two Dean took a look at sugar levels in over 100 lunch boxes at Bournemouth’s Moordown pre-school.

The shocking worst offenders included a Go Ahead bar with 9.9g sugar, A Frube yoghurt with 5.2g and the humble Kit Kat with a HUGE 10.8g!

Outraged by this, Dean told the MailOnline: "Many parents are simply unaware of the high sugar levels in the foods they are giving to their children and are a little unsure when it comes choosing healthier options for their children.”

Happy Crocodile Lunch box

So what is the solution to this education? Well, you don't need to look for happy lunch boxes with us...

Shocked by the sugar in savoury crisps? Let us help with a bag of Smoky Barbecue Zippers, filled with slow burning energy and beautiful BBQ flavour.

Or maybe you want to eliminate the sugary sweets altogether! Luckily, you don’t have to scrap sweets altogether… We do our own SUGAR FREE Strawberry Sweeties.

Source: Mail Online


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