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QUIZ: How Much SUGAR Is In Your Favourite High Street Summer Drinks? The Answers Are SHOCKING

  • A Study has revealed SHOCKING HIGH SUGAR levels in your favourite high street summer drinks
  • Burger King’s Cherry Berry Frozen Lemonade Contains a whopping 22 TEASPOONS of sugar
  • All of these drinks contain MORE sugar than the limit recommended by the World Health Organisation
  • Test your sugar knowledge with our quiz
  • Kick the sugar habit with our 100% sugar free treats

An investigation has just revealed how much sugar is hidden in some of the most popular summer drinks you can pick up on the high street… The results are SHOCKINGLY HIGH!

Take the quiz below to see just how these drinks stack up to some of Britain’s sugar-iest sweet treats.

Many of Britain’s biggest high street cafés and fast food outlets have been condemned for releasing drinks with up to 86g of SUGAR in them.

Sugar content drinks

Excessive sugar intake has a lot of harmful effects on the, including spiking insulin levels, encouraging your body to store extra calories as fat, increasing the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay.

Burger King Cherry Berry Frozen Lemonade

Burger King is the worst offender – the Cherry Berry Frozen Lemonade contains 22 TEASPOONS of sugar.

Costa White Chocolate Creamy Cooler and Burger King Tropical Mango Smoothie

Nipping for a Raspberry & White Chocolate Creamy Cooler at Costa? That’ll be 17 TEASPOONS of sugar please. Burger King’s Tropical Mango Smoothie contained the same.

Both our Caffe Nero’s Mango & Passionfruit and Costa’s Blackberry & Raspberry Fruit Cooler pack 54g sugar, equivalent to 14 TEASPOONS.

Caffe Nero Raspberry and Orange Fruit Booser and Starbucks Strawberies and Cream Frappuccino

Nero’s alternative – the Raspberry & Orange Fruit Boosters pack – and Starbucks’ Strawberries & Cream Frappuccino both contain 13 TEASPOONS of sugar.

McDonalds Mango and Pineapple Iced Fruit Smoothie

McDonald’s Mango & Pineapple Iced Fruit Smoothie may be advertised as fruity and healthy, but don’t believe it with 40g of sugar – 10 TEASPOONS.

Both of Starbucks’ other Frappuccinos – Raspberry & Blackcurrant and Mango & Passionfruit – contain 9 TEASPOONS of sugar.

This amount of hidden sugar is NOT ON! So it’s time for a few sugar free alternatives…

That’s right, everything from sweets to ice cream, we do it all without a single bit of sugar!


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