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Would This Put You Off? We Find Out EXACTLY How Much Sugar Is In Your Favourite Sweets

  • Many people gain weight without knowing, because of sugar content.
  • Some of the UK’s favourite sweets contain up to 25 teaspoons of sugar!
  • Muscle Food have created industry first Sugar FREE Strawberry Sweeties.
  • And we added a HIGH 15g Protein per serving, to help keep dieters fuller for longer!
Skittles High Sugar

Do you know EXACTLY how much of the sweet stuff is in your favourite guilty treats? Turns out its A LOT – and some experts believe it’s this rather than fat that is contributing to the obesity epidemic.

According to the American Heart Association, added sugars “contribute zero nutrients” and are just empty calories “that can lead to extra pounds.”

That’s why it’s surprising to find this much sugar in some of Britain’s favourite sweets. We’ve listed a few examples:


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Turns out the “rainbow” is a very sugary thing to taste… In every 100g serving, you can expect a whopping 25.3 teaspoons of sugar!

Fruit Pastilles

Fruit Pastilles High Sugar

One of the nation’s favourites – the Fruit Pastille has been with us since 1881… While they are nice, they most certainly aren’t on your waist with 15.8 teaspoons of sugar in every 100g.

Wine Gums

Wine Gums High Sugar

Usually the go to sweet for any Aunty or Uncle to offer you, they’re only slightly worse than Fruit Pastilles at 16 teaspoons of sugar per 100g.


Starburst High Sugar

Starburst sweets have a rich history in the UK, starting off as Opal Fruits in 1960. You may love the fruity flavours, but they come with a HUGE 23.3 teaspoons of sugar per 100g.

Consuming too much sugar raises the risk of several other problems too, such as poor dental health and type 2 diabetes, making it all the more important to keep them low.

So now you know the sour truth, what’s the sweet solution? Well if you’re desperate to satisfy that that sweet tooth, we’ve got JUST the thing…

Muscle Food Sugar Free Strawberry Sweeties

Musclefood Sweets Sugar Free

Muscle Food have created these Sugar Free Strawberry Sweets to combat the issue of sugar combat causing obesity.

And yes, you did read that right... Sugar FREE - they contain 0g of sugar per 100g.

So don’t let sugar stop you from enjoying your treats. Switch up your sweets and avoid the entire problem altogether!