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How To Get Abs For Summer

beach ready abs

The Clocks have FINALLY turned. The nights are getting shorter. The days are getting longer and before you know it summer will be here – whoop!

Of course, with all these lovely positive changes comes the desire for that sexy beach bod with rippling abs, defined shoulders, shredded back and no chicken legs.

Often this is the time of year you begin to see people in the gym placing an awful lot of focus on sit-ups. Like, literally, thousands of the things. But the truth is they’re only a teeny tiny brick in the road to ab-city.

Abs don’t just appear over night – it takes time, dedication, training like a beast and eating like a saint.

Yes, the cliché is true, abs are made in the kitchen. So if you really want them on show for summer it would be wise to start cutting things like fried foods, refined sugars, highly processed foods and alcohol.

Replace all these with more natural foods like fruits and veg, lean meats, wholegrain foods, nuts and natural sweet sources like honey, and you’ll be making a very positive step in the right direction.

It’s also important you get your training right.

Everyone has abs, they’re just covered by a comforting layer of winter flubber – and that’s ok – but to give them the best chance of catching a few sunrays you ought to incorporate a little cardio into your routine.

HIIT is great for this, and you really only need one or two sessions per week. Hop on that treadmill, crank the speed up and sprint 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for 20 minutes and, boom, you’re done.

Full body workouts are also a sure-fired way to make those ab puppies pop and by adding a few of the following core and ab targeted exercises, your abs will be glistening in the summer sun in no time!

Plus, if you’re a beginner, the following drills are great for strengthening your core before you move onto exercises that require a strong core and more movement…

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