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How To Get Fit For Free

Gyms are amazing places.  While their primary function is to help people get fit, stronger and leaner, they actually can do so much more.

For some, they are places of Zen and serenity, especially after a stressful day at the office or with the kids.  For others, they're the go to place to meet friends and have a chat whilst working on those biceps.

Then there are those folks who just want nothing more than to beast themselves until DOMS set it.

However, gyms can be pricey and, although many avid gym fans will struggle to understand, some people just don't like them.

And that's ok!  Maybe you travel a lot and simply don't have the time.  Maybe, after spending the entire working day inside, you'd prefer to fill your lungs with fresh, non-sweaty air. 

Or maybe, you believe the money you would fork out each month could be better spent elsewhere, but does this mean you might as well give up on your workout dream? 

Hardly!  There are plenty of ways to work up a sweat without the use of a gym, here's how…

Build Your Own Bundle
You asked, we listened! Now you can build your own SUPER LEAN hamper for just £55…
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Mocha Protein Truffles
Mocha Protein Truffles recipe - 43 calories, 6.2g protein, 100% tasty, tasty, tasty!
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