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How To Keep Your Non-Sporty Child Active


In a world governed by social media, computer games, easy access TV, tablets and smart phones, it’s no wonder modern parents are concerned about how active their kids are.

The lure of the world of sedentary entertainment is a powerful one, and unfortunately more and more children are falling victim to a life of inactivity as a result.

However, the benefits of physical activity are well documented. From preventing unnecessary weight gain and hypertension to a positive mental state and even stronger bones - the plusses are plenty.

In fact, it’s so widely accepted that physical activity is essential for a child’s physical and mental development that the government recommends they partake in moderate to vigorous activity for at least 60 minutes several times a week!

The government also recommends that sedentary activities be kept to a minimum – yes, that means less time on the Xbox and more time running about.

But how can parents persuade their little darlings to say no to the fantastical realm of TV for the land of imaginative, active play instead?

It’s not easy – but there are ways…

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