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How To Recover After A Marathon

Most people preparing to run a marathon spend most of their time and energy focussing on training for it and trying hard to avoid injury until race day.

But, recovering from a marathon is a critical component to a perfect training plan that is often neglected.

The thing is, if you don't take the time to wind down properly and give yourself time to recover, you'll increase your risk of serious injury, potentially limit your long-term potential and jeopardise your overall health as a result.

It's not unusual for runners who do not spend much time considering their post marathon recovery to find themselves suffering from overtraining symptoms and subsequent performances deteriorating.

But don’t worry – because here at Muscle Food HQ we've thought about all this for you so you can train, race and recover knowing you're well prepared for the long, long, long road ahead…

What Happens To Your Body During A Marathon


Marathons are not for the faint hearted.  They are gruelling feats of endurance and test the mind and body simultaneously.  They are also notoriously unforgiving and break even the most seasoned athletes.

From your muscles to your tendons, skeletal system to your circulatory system, every single thing that makes up your body is tested and pushed to the absolute max.

Not to mention runners nipple, thigh chaffing and feet that don't actually look like feet by the end of it…

Even your immune system takes a knock with the chances of you picking up a cold or flu post race increasing tenfold which is why it is essential you allow yourself time to recovery properly.

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