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Award-winning produce
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How I Saved 27% On My Monthly Food Bill!

There are so many claims about saving money on your supermarket shop these days that it’s hard to tell who is being genuine! So at Muscle Food, we had a go at ACTUALLY reducing the stress on your bank balance – chopping a massive 27% off your bill

Lorna & Family

So what did we do? Well we took some of the best sellers from popular supermarkets and compared them to identical products in our awesome hamper. This will show you exactly what the difference in price would be.

5KG Premium Chicken Breast Fillets

Mouth-wateringly delicious chicken breasts aren’t just macro friendly – they’re money friendly too with Muscle Food! You can save over a tenner on this lean mean delicious meat… and that’s not the only benefit over the supermarket option:

  • 0.7g LESS FAT
  • 50g MORE CHICKEN per breast in Muscle Food Chicken

So breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy every sumptuous bite of the plumpest breasts around! Why not use them in our cracking curry in a hurry?

Irish Grass Fed Rump Steaks 2x6-7oz

Let’s face it – we all love a good steak, but it can break the bank to get a fine cut… That is until now! With Muscle Food, you can trim £1.30 PER STEAK. But don’t you dare think we sacrificed the quality of every scrumptious steak:

  • 5.4g LESS FAT per 100g
  • Grass Fed, 21 Day matured quality steak.

British Beef Hache Steaks 4x6-7oz

Another steak, another slashed price! Compared to one of the most popular supermarkets in Britain, you can save another £2 for BIG guilt-free taste.
But don’t worry – “cheaper” doesn’t mean “worse”:

  • 9g LESS FAT per 100g
  • 0.7g LESS SALT

Extra Lean British Beef Mince 2x400g

We have to hand it to the supermarkets here – they were nearly good enough to stand up to Muscle Food’s mighty mince. But with yet ANOTHER lower price and better nutritionals, they never stood a chance!

  • 0.2g LESS SALT per 100g
  • +1g of naturally occurring protein
  • 100% free range

Whole Corn-Fed French Chicken 1.2kg

If you fancy your poultry with a deliciously alternative taste, corn-fed is the way to go – and in this round our cheeky chicken took the biscuit (or the corn in this case)!
Better quality AND cheaper, those leftover pennies are starting to really mount up:

  • 3.1g LESS FAT per 100g in Muscle Food Whole Chicken.
  • 1.4g LESS SATURATED FAT per 100g in Muscle Food Whole Chicken.
  • An incomparable TWO Great Taste Awards for our Muscle Food Whole Chicken!

So what are you waiting for? Roast your own with some zesty herbs for an unforgettable taste.

 Premium Diced Turkey Breast 2x400g

MORE meat for LESS money - it’s as simple as that! Not only do you get a smaller amount of Turkey Breast in every pack from your supermarket, but the quality of cuts doesn’t match up. Plus there’s the extra £2 off you’ve just pocketed...
Other differences between these products include:

  • 50% LESS FAT
  • Over 50% LESS SALT

And since it’s already diced, it will save you LOADS of time in making this healthy curry.

Lean Chicken Breast Sausages – 12x75g

Every bite is a low-priced party in your mouth! Compared to the best breast sausages we could find from any supermarket, you get 10g more in every meaty delight AND it’s cheaper.
But the benefits don’t stop there

  • 5.6g LESS FAT
  • Less than ONE THIRD saturated fats

Have a bash at some extra healthy bangers & mash for the perfect meal!

Lite Beef Burgers – 2x4oz

Next stop on the meaty moneysaving journey is our Lite Beef Burgers – perfect for the BBQ! For less money, you can grab some high quality juicy burgers with head scratchingly good nutritionals:

  • Almost 10g LESS FAT per 100g

Why not put a delicious Big Mac back on the menu with these burgers? No more drunken guilt with these bad boys!

Fresh Skinny Sweet Potato Fries – 500g

What good is mouth-watering meat without some Fresh Skinny Sweet Potato Fries? Trim another 50p off the bill when you shop with Muscle Food and get 50g MORE in every pack… Can’t say fairer than that!


Fresh Slow Cooker Mix – 500g

Slow cooking deserves deliciously decadent vegetables. But wait - you can get it for the same price at the supermarket? Well yes, but you do get an extra 50g with Muscle Food!

Shredded Red Cabbage – 500g

Jazz up any meal with some scrumptiously Shredded Red Cabbage – and enjoy an extra 50g of the good stuff for the same price as the supermarkets! That’s right… We just love to give you more.

Meaty Pork Sausages – 6x75g

Our melt-in-the-mouth Meaty Pork Sausages are a luxurious, gold-award winning addition to any macro friendly diet. Enjoy every single bite 100% guilt-free with an extra 50p less than the supermarket.

Giant British Lean Meatballs – 6x56g

Good news, folks – meatballs are back on the menu! Normally, you wouldn’t go anywhere near these meatalicious treats… But with Muscle Food we’ve made them 100% macro friendly and cut 50p off your bill:

  • 3.6g LESS FAT
  • 100% GLUTEN FREE
  • ZERO nasties or extra fillers.

Low Fat Bacon Medallions – 14x25g

Bacon Medallions are pricey, so most people avoid forking out so much cash for them…
But now we’ve made these mouth-wateringly delicious beauties for £2 less than the supermarket, you can shop without guilt and enjoy some amazing nutritional benefits:

  • 100% FRESH Pork Loin

Expertly trimmed of ALL excess fat

Muscle Food £5 Voucher

Regularly we wouldn’t boast (okay, that might be a lie) but not only do we think our food is the best, but we want you to keep enjoying it too!

If you have a supermarket loyalty program, chances are you get something like a 50p voucher every month – which is a bit naff…

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