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How To #TweetYourMeat - Take The Perfect Foodie Photo

  • We get LOADS of pictures of your amazing Muscle Food orders every single day, using #TweetYourMeat
  • While all of them show a tonne of meat, we want to help with some easy steps to take the BEST food pictures that would even get Jamie Oliver drooling!
  • Jason England gives his top tips on taking the perfect foodie shots using #TweetYourMeat, for a quick and easy retweet from @MuscleFoodUK

My girlfriend is a serial foodie, and while it may seem weird to watch her prey over food with her smartphone camera rather than eat it, I must admit it’s rather therapeutic to show pride in your own culinary efforts.

And it’s not just the food crazed mrs - the likes of Instagram and Twitter are bursting at the seams with perfectly framed pictures of delicious dinners and food hauls.

Muscle Food freshers' week

The craze of food photography seems to be taking over the world of social media!

So I decided to join in the fun, and many of my results were… Let’s say they didn’t match up to the idea I had in my head.

But over time, I learnt to perfect things and it turned out to be a lot easier than expected! With that in mind, here are my tips for how to capture your next Muscle Food orders in the best way possible, and jump on the #TweetYourMeat hype…

1. Daylight is essential

Muscle Food freshers' week

The Clean Eating Guide shows us how its done!

Take a picture at night, and you’ll see everything within it turns to a grainy mess.

You don’t want that for your food - Shoot your food by a day lit window for an ideal shot that represents colour in the best way possible.

This will actually give your food the definition it deserves, showing off just how much you actually ordered or the amazing results of your masterful cooking skills.

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