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Would This Put You Off Junk Food? Instagram Account Rebrands Popular Junk Food With Their Calorie Content

You can read nutritional advice printed on the back of food packaging, but how often do we actually check it before tucking into our favourite treats? Well, a new Instagram account has made it impossible to ignore the calorie content by replacing the brand logo with the dreaded number!

Named ‘Calorie Brands,’ every photo paints a bleak view of the nation’s most popular junk food choices, with the aim of empowering you with the knowledge to achieve your summer body goals.

Calorie Brands Nutella

For those who pop once and can’t stop, you’re in for a shocking 1320 calories in a single tube of Pringles.  Portion control is needed, so let’s kick off with our Protein Crisps – containing a nice & high 15g protein alongside a low 100 calories.

Maybe you love tucking into Nutella... Well the love wears off quick when you realise every jar contains a massive 4520 calories (that’s more than two days of your daily allowance)! Luckily, we’ve got our healthy Prutella to replace that for you.

But what about the popular choice for a hangover meal – the Domino’s Pizza? Well with 1680 calories in a box, you best switch that out for our Mighty Meaty Protein Pizza, to get the same amazing taste with a 61% LESS calories.

Calorie Brands Domino's Pizza

KFC is a good option too – delivering your serving of 1440 calories in your regular bucket! Lucky for you, we do a load of lean chicken alternatives – some of which have won multiple Great Taste Awards.

Calorie Brands KFC

And finally, we all love to curl up on the sofa with a tub of ice cream… Well your stomach is going to hate you for it with 1200 calories in a Ben & Jerry’s! But don’t fear, we’ve got you covered with our very own High Protein Ice Cream – from just 129 calories in every serving.
Calorie Brands Ben and Jerrys

So imagine if this was actually done… Would it change YOUR mind? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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