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Is Eating Chocolate Good For You?

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Short answer – yes! Chocolate is good for you, which is great news as we prepare to indulge a little this weekend – woo hoo!

So, you see that little shred of guilt sneaking its way into your thoughts about that chocolate egg – get rid, because the ultimate comfort food has been proven – by science, really… - to boost overall health.

The problem with chocolate arises when you eat too much of it because of all the added sugar and fat to make it taste delicious. That’s why you’re best to stick with dark (70% +), as there hasn’t been the same quantity added.

Also, chocolate is quite caloric, so if you are going to have a square of three, just be mindful of this.

However, a little nibble of the milk kind is good too, so here are our top fave 8 reasons why chocolate is a good thing to gift and munch this Easter…

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