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Is Pokémon GO A Fitness REVOLUTION?

  • People playing Pokémon GO walking over 80% MORE than before!
  • But public safety fears are up as deaths caused by playing the game increase…
  • Many experts claim Pokémon GO is great for improving social confidence and weight loss.
  • However, others say confidence is non-existent as people actively do not talk and stare at phones.
  • Is Pokémon GO good for the world? Take part in our poll below!
  • Post your thoughts onto our Facebook or Twitter.

Pokémon GO stats are showing the game could be the biggest, most successful fitness app of the century. But is it REALLY that good?

Chances are you’ve come across at least one large group of people playing Pokémon GO! Much like the trading cards before it, the pocket monsters have taken the planet by storm once again, but with a one-word twist… Fitness.

Forcing people to go out and explore their surroundings, this game has been a cultural phenomenon that’s taken over the news! Regular stories of thousand-strong Pokewalks and near-death experiences dominate the airwaves, leaving us with a simple question – is Pokémon GO actually a fitness revolution?

Will this become the ultimate gym alternative, or is it a dangerous fad we should ignore? Leave your answer in the poll below, or scroll further for our Pros and Cons!

The Pros

Catching them requires you to walk… A lot!

Pokemon GO Jawbone Stats

Many Jawbone UP users reported a HUGE INCREASE in steps – from roughly 6,000 to nearly 11,000.

What this means is the average person walking at a speed of 3.5 mph would burn roughly 594 calories every day. And let’s not forget about the leg strength training that walking on various terrains affords! Plus you can get fit without dealing without the same annoying gym personalities...

BUT the benefits aren’t just physical…

Pokemon GO walking

Pokémon GO players have seen a massive 83% increase in the amount of steps they walk!

People have been tweeting their love for the app in helping them cope with social anxiety and depression. It’s pushing them out of their normal comfort levels and even encouraging them to interact with other humans.

Good for the mind and body – what could possibly be the downsides?

The Cons

It may get you outside, but you’re still on your phone…

Pokemon Pikachu party

The Pokemon GO craze has taken over the planet, but does it really bring people together?

This leads to more than a few problems, namely around the fact that whole “pushing anxious people out of their normal comfort levels” could actually be complete guff. People have pushed the limit to go outside, but they most certainly are not talking!

And let’s the address the obvious elephant in the room – it’s distracting enough to lead people into accidents. The news is rife with people being shot at, ran over or falling off cliffs – all because of this game.

The danger is real, and while a lot of these could have been avoided with simple common sense, it’s a danger we have to address.

Have Your Say

Is Pokémon GO a real revolution in fitness? Or is it a flash in the pan that’s putting people in danger? Scroll back up and answer our poll. Shout out on our Facebook and Twitter too with your thoughts!

Have you completed an EPIC body transformation? Why not send us your story, so you can help inspire those who are currently beginning their journey – Drop an email to [email protected] with story and photos.

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