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Is Your Breakfast REALLY As Healthy As You Think?

Every breakfast boasts nutritional goodness, but are they really as healthy as you think? We’ve taken a look at some of Britain’s most popular foods to start the day, and what we found were some SHOCKING stats that would destroy any macros!

Sugar levels through the roof, over half of your sugar content, more than 80% of your daily intake of saturated fat – some of these terrifying nutritionals are linked to breakfasts that are called “healthy” by the people who make them. Luckily, we’re here to expose them and offer you healthy alternatives that are still super macro-friendly. White toast with Jam

Don’t believe the Breakfast Biscuit hype

You walk right past the breakfast cereals, because you know they’re full of sugar. Heading to the so-called healthy breakfast biscuits, you feel proud of keeping your numbers down with every bite. But Action On Sugar has some bad news for you….

In their survey of the breakfast biscuit market, a whopping 46% of products contain the same or MORE sugar than a 30g bowl of Kellogg’s Coco Pops.

Check out their full table breakdown below: Table of breakfast biscuits

*A serving size is the amount of biscuits in a single pouch, which can range from 1-4 biscuits

This brings up two BIG problem breakfasts – the standard biscuits and the classic coco pops – both of which contain a huge amount of sugar. We can do a little bit better than that, by taking nearly a third of the sugar content out of the equation with our Mapel Pecan Protein Crunchies!

Fry up from hell

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but the standard fry up is absolutely NOT good for you! The amount of saturated fat in just one serving peaks at over 80%.

Plus with nearly half of your daily calorie intake, you need to switch things up.

For example, switching out your normal fatty bacon for our Back Bacon Medallions means you’re only getting 0.675g of fat per serving of the marvellous meat. Full English Breakfast

More nasty surprises

  • Crumpets with Butter:

    A staple of any British diet – chances are you’ve had a crumpet drowned in butter. The dimples absorb a lot of fat, so in two crumpets you can expect to eat about 20g of butter (that’s up to half of your daily saturated fat intake).
  • Pain Au Chocolat:

    How a pastry with a huge fondant of chocolate in the middle became a breakfast, we don’t know! Diluted protein content, high sugar and saturated fat – skip out on the Pain Au Chocolats.
  • White Toast and Jam:

    I get it – you love the energy you receive from a good old slice of toast with jam, but this could be one of the unhealthiest breakfast options you could pick! With refined flour and added sugar – the GI levels are through the roof on this one, which means the quick burst of energy will end with a slump forcing you to reach for more snacks.

Better Breakfasts

So what’s the alternative? Luckily, we have a fair few that you could get your hands on for a beautiful breakfast without the awful macros!

  • Avocado on toast:

    Packed with nearly 40% RDA of vitamin E – important for protecting the body’s cells – avocado on toast has quickly become popular amongst fitness foodies. It also provides nearly half your body’s fibre requirements. Why not add an extra protein boost to the mix with Dr Zak’s peanut butter?
  • Scrambled Eggs:

    Not only are they super easy to make (just pour out of our carton), but they come with serious benefits – strong source of protein, ZERO sugar and a lean 8.7g of fat. Plus we have already seasoned them to perfection, so no need for extra salt!
  • Poached Eggs on Wholemeal Toast:

    Did you know that eating eggs for breakfast has been shown to cut your calorie intake for the next 24 hours by 400? Well add the powerful poached eggs to the grainy goodness of wholemeal toast and you’ve got yourself appetite-curbing beast of a breakfast.
  • Fresh Salmon
  • Fresh Salmon:

    Feeling fishy? Well you can get your fair share of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D from our fresh salmon fillets. This succulent salmon is a brilliant breakfast option, because every serving provides a HUGE 50g of protein to work in your favour.

Have YOU got any amazing breakfasts that we don’t know about? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter – your recipe could be featured on the website.


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