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Jack Nowell

A formidable player for the Exeter Chiefs and an essential asset to our country’s international team – Jack Nowell has done it all.

But yet, upon talking to him, it’s clear he stays so humble amongst all his achievements, living life with team mates and his dogs.

He took the time out to speak to us about his time playing Rugby, his greatest career highlight and the fitness/nutrition secrets to anybody in his fiercely competitive sport.

Check out the video below, or read the transcript below!

Jack Nowell

What has been your career highlight so far?

My highlight has got to be putting the shirt on for the first time. You know, every chance you get to play internationals, you’re playing against the best people in another country. So, being away in France for my first Six Nations game was a big moment.

Georgina Spenceley Hand Stand

Why is rugby a sport that requires good nutrition?

Everyone knows Rugby players to be these big beef balls, running into each other at 100mph. For me, I think the most important thing is recovery, and I think the biggest part of that is what you put in your body – which can help you recover a lot faster than other people do.

What is the Jack Nowell Diet?

I tend not to count my calories and things like that. Protein is one of the better things to eat – you can take quite a bit of that in and not really see a difference. But when you put a lot of heavy carbs in, that’s when you really start to tell the negative difference, so protein is the key one.

There’s all different shapes and sizes in rugby – nutrition is not going to affect someone like me, a wing player, as much as the bigger boys.

What does a normal day look like?

The majority of my day is going out on the field, because that’s where you do most of your learning. But, our standard day would be a forward/back split – Backs out here first in the morning, doing their skills to keep quite light on their feet. And then they’re going to the gym to lift heavy weights to work the legs and upper body.

We quite often do a lot of analysis after that with the coaches, and then grab a bit of lunch – essential to get your food in throughout the day. And then we’re out here for the main session, where we try to mimic the weekend’s game as much as possible.

Georgina Spenceley Hand Stand

Word of advice for anyone playing a sport?

The big push for this year, for us at the club has been the recovery side of things. There’s only so long you can go back-to-back without doing recovery sessions – before you know, something does give.

The biggest advice I give to everyone is to enjoy it – you wouldn’t be doing it if you didn’t enjoy it. But the amount of food and the stuff you eat does make a massive difference, whether it’s before a game, before training and after (most importantly) to fuel the recovery side of things.