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James Argent - Slim

Oh we do love a good transformation story here at Muscle Food and one such fitness journey has certainly caught our attention.

Last year, James 'Arg' Argent, star from The Only Way Is Essex, was a pretty out of shape guy weighing in at 19 stone, and with a BMI of 32, he was clinically obese.

James Argent - Fat to Fit

He also nearly lost his TOWIE job, but after spending a stint in rehab in early 2015 for low self-esteem issues, Arg is now fighting fit having lost an incredible 4 stone.

And we can finally reveal that Muscle Food played a massive role in helping him achieve his dream bod!

Meal Plan

James Argent - WEIGHT LOSS

In an exclusive interview with NOW magazine he said:

When I was in treatment, I knew that if I wanted my job on TOWIE and Lydia back, this had to be my turning point. I needed my whole lifestyle to change - not just my wild partying, but my daily routine and my friends…

So, he ditched the junk food, opting for healthy lean meats, veggies and healthy snacks from Muscle Food instead, and began training with a personal trainer up to 5 times a week! The results speak for themselves…

Yet Arg isn't a stranger to diets or losing vast amounts of weight in short periods of time.
In April 2012 he ran the Virgin London Marathon with only 6 weeks of training.

James Argent weight loss

In 2014, he lost a staggering 10% of his body fat and 2 stone in 6 weeks as part of the Men's Health challenge.

This time, though, Arg intends to make his weight loss stick not only to become “TOWIEs heartthrob” but feel happy and confident in his own skin having suffered Twitter abuse in the past.

James Argent weight transformation

I still get called the names every single day …

He said

I don’t think people realise how much criticism hurts sometimes …

According to recent reports, the yo-yo dieter is finally happier in his own skin and is determined to stick to his strict Muscle Food diet, continue to cut down on boozing and regularly work up a sweat in the gym.

This time it's a change for life,' he says. 'I want a six-pack this summer and in a month or two I'll be there. I really want a TOWIE shower scene in Marbs, to walk out with a towel round me!

Check out NOW magazine for the full story of Arg’s journey from fat to fit!

James Argent twitter

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