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Jamie Lloyd

Vital Statistics Current
Age 39
Height 5'10"
Weight 80kgs

If you’re a Muscle Food fan, chances are you’ve read some of the articles from Kettlebell legend Jamie Lloyd!

Starting out, he was all over the shop – playing rugby and football, chopping his way through karate, and running and mountain biking. Throughout his 20s, he moved onto marathons and triathlons, followed shortly by Kettlebell Sport.

After such a varied range of activities, it may seem weird that he turned to PT… But after watching his mum as an aerobics instructor, he was captivated by fitness.

Jamie Multiple image

And now, this successful family man is inspiring others to live healthier lifestyles – cooking up some amazing food, as you can see below, and providing his favourite Kettlebell workouts!

Competing in more long distance charity cycles and smashing Tough Mudder in the future, his spirit to soldier on is amazing. We HAD to find out more about him.

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Chicken & Beef Hamper
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Rump Steaks
Jamie Lloyd: the interview

Hi Jamie, let's start things off with an easy question - tell us more about your sporting history...

As a child I played rugby, football, did karate, running and mountain biking. In my 20s I did marathons and triathlons. Now I'm into cycling and Kettlebell Sport.

What inspired you to prove the doubters wrong and come back from your serious sports injuries?

Jamie with a kettlebell

I believe that anything is achievable, as long as you have the mind-set. I've been plagued with injuries over the years and have been in chronic pain.

With such a varied sporting history – why did you turn to PT?

I've always been into fitness and always wanted to get into fitness. My mum was an aerobics instructor and that inspired me.

You’re also a really active fitness writer, creating a few insightful blogs for MuscleFood. What inspired you to get involved in this area?

Well only just 3 years ago, I decided I wanted to write for every fitness magazine… I achieved that in less than 8 months. I've written for various magazines over the years but I wanted a little writing challenge for myself too.

Now let’s move onto food! How would you describe your eating plan – Clean? Paleo?

Look like most people I have my favourite unhealthy cheat days. But I try to eat clean 80% of the time. If I do eat badly, I can't train properly and I soon know about it. 

Do you have any Muscle Food favourites that you just can’t get enough of?

Your Irish Grass Fed Rump Steaks and Dragon Fire Chicken Breasts! 

Any cheeky meals you want to admit to?

I do love a curry! But if I eat a curry, I throw half the rice away and only eat half. Rice bloats me up! 


And what would be your ultimate food kryptonite – the one guilty treat you miss?

I do love a good steak! I love a rib eye and can't do without red meat!

What are your thoughts on supplements? Essential or a bit of a waste?

Well I've been supplementing for years and have dabbled with most things. I think you have to test out what's good for you. I know I feel much better training on amino acids than without them.

I always use a top quality protein loaded with l glutamine, chromium and creatine for recovery and use magnesium most days to help with recovery. For maintenance, I use a daily fish oil, multi vit and mineral along with vitamin D, to give me a daily boost. 

Now, normally at this point I ask you what you’re favourite workout is. But from your stories, it’s clear you’re a HUGE fan of the Kettlebell! Can you tell me why that is?

I never do the same workout and I love variety. I do this to tax the nervous system and to put my body into shock to stop my body from plateauing. In my own training I use barbells, body weight conditioning, battling ropes, prowler, Dumbbells, Kettlebells and anything I can get my hands on.

If I was going to choose one training tool that gives me variety, work capacity, challenge the nervous system and give me all round fitness and strength, I would choose Kettlebells. But they are just a tool… You love them or you hate them.

Some of my favourite workouts are combining Kettlebells, battling ropes and using your own body weight. So you don't really need much to get creative and challenge the body! 

Do you have a favourite Kettlebell exercise?

One of my favourite Kettlebell exercises is the Kettlebell snatch.

Jamie Lloyd lifting kettle bells

This is because it trains the whole kinetic chain, taxes the nervous system and when doing a snatch test there's no getting away from it. You HAVE to be highly conditioned, have patience, and have great mental conditioning and most of all technique to perform high reps.

What is your favourite body part to train?

I love training my core as you can use so many training tools and never get bored.

And which one do you hate?

I hate anything that involves using my dodgy shoulder like monkey bars - Kettlebell windmills or anything that will put the fear into me. I dislocated my shoulder 6 times and had 2 surgeries, including one on my shoulder. I have a lot of flashbacks, and really don’t want to take the risk!

Has there ever been a time you’ve fell off the wagon exercise schedule-wise? And if so, how have you pushed yourself to get back on?

Well like I said, a big injury to my back and shoulder over the years has hindered my performance, and at the same time made me stronger mentally.

This is what keeps me ticking really. I always said if I didn't have any limbs, I would find a sport or activity that I could train or compete in. I strive on pushing my body to new limits and everything is achievable no matter how your body is.

Working out

So even though I'm partially disabled and plagued with injury, I strive on setting new goals annually and try to achieve different things. 

Have you ever received any strong words of motivation that you’d like to share with the Muscle Food fans out there?

Never give up. If you watch David Weir train someone who's more misfortunate than you like some of the Paralympians, then that inspires me I guess.

But do something daily. Even when I don't train I still do mobility - stretch and invest in myself like having a massage.

Well back in 2014 I won the British Kettlebell sport championships in Long Cycle. More recently I competed in the English Kettlebell Championships and won silver in Long Cycle and cycled London to Brighton in 3 hours.

What's next for you?

Do more competing in Long Cycle. Cycle from London to Paris, do the Prudential Ride in London and to do Tough Mudder. So, quite a bit happening the next few months!

Now for some random questions! What’s your favourite movie of all time?

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Snakes… Why’d it have to be snakes? 

Johns general meal plan

Best music to work out to?

Anything that gets me in the zone like house music - but no supermarket music! 

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Yes please! I am cycling from London to Paris in 24 hours – anyone can sponsor me here.

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