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Jody Shuttleworth- Figure Athlete

Building the perfect figure

My name is Jody; I’m 37 and a British Champion female figure athlete. I also work full time with vulnerable children and families. I have a very full life and value the importance a healthy lifestyle plays in helping me reach my goals in both my work and personal life.

My true passion is the gym and I’ve been training for about 15 years, although it wasn’t until 4 years ago that I became serious about competing. Training is now a way of life for me, without it I’d be lost. It provides me with constant physical and mental challenges.

I have always been very sporty and once I began working full time, I joined a gym and found that the training helped me deal with daily stresses. I began working out regularly and felt brighter and healthier. I began to learn about diet and nutrition and knew that this would be key to improving my body.

I competed in my first figure competition in 2007 weighing 8 ½ st on stage and won a British title. I took two years out of competition but worked hard every day in the gym making gains and, in 2009, I won the UK title. In 2010 I achieved the British title and in 2011, 2st heavier than my first competition, I placed 3rd at the Universe.

Each year I discovered more about diet and nutrition and, in particular, about how my body responded to different food sources. I now have the muscle I need, because of my hard training and determination. I am focussing on sculpting my body and improving specific areas so I will be an unbeatable package on the Universe stage.

In the future, I hope to win the Universe trained figure title and then concentrate on supporting others in reaching their own goals in health and fitness. A healthy diet and active lifestyle is something I will continue with for as long as I am able.

Competition History


NAC Britain figure 1st

NAC Overall figure champion 1st


NABBA UK trained figure 1st

NABBA England trained figure 2nd

NABBA Universe trained figure 6th


NABBA Britain trained figure 1st

NABBA World trained figure 5th


NABBA Universe trained figure 3rd

Example Off-Season Diet Plan

Daily total: Protein 235g, carbs 290g, fats 46.5g, cals 2418

7am - 100g oats, 5 egg whites, 20g almonds, 1 scoop Whey Protein

10am - 150g MuscleFood lean flank steak, 100g brown rice

12pm - 150g of MuscleFood chicken, green veg, 200g sweet potato

3pm - 150g of MuscleFood fillet steak, 25g almonds

6pm - 2 scps whey protein, apple, banana.


8pm - 1 scp whey protein, 5 rice cakes, 50g glucose

10pm - 150g MuscleFood fillet steak, 150g brown rice, 20g almonds

Example Pre Comp Diet Plan

Daily total: Protein 225g, carbs 104g, fats, 35g, cals 1631

7am - 60g of grits, 5 egg whites, 1 scoop whey protein

10am - 150g MuscleFood turkey, green veg, 150g sweet potato, I tablsp udos oil

12pm - 150g MuscleFood turkey, green veg, 150g brown rice

3pm - 150g MuscleFood turkey, 25g almonds

6pm - 5 egg whites, 1 scp whey protein


8pm - 10 egg whites, 1 tblsp udos oil

10pm - 150g MuscleFood fillet steak/salmon


Supplements include BCAAs, glutamine, Udos oil, multi minerals, multi vitamins and whey protein powder.

My off-season diet is flexible with a wide variety of protein sources. I include lean cuts of meat, poultry and fish. I enjoy experimenting with different methods of cooking, herbs and spices to add variety to my food.

My food is to fuel my training sessions so that I am able to grow, recover and and nutrition is essential for success.

Example Of Training Split

I train 5 times a week, with 2 rest days. I vary my workouts regularly, sometimes light, sometimes heavy, drop sets and pyramiding up. I know my body and am able to push it to the max whatever workout I choose. Although a certain degree of muscle is needed for the women’s figure category, competitors need to retain their feminine shape. Therefore, I work out accordingly, watching my body carefully and training smartly to ensure I am building muscle in the right places to enhance my shape.

Monday - Delts and abs

Tuesday - Glutes and hamstrings

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Back (biceps and triceps fortnightly)

Friday - Delts and abs

Saturday - Quads (chest monthly)

Sunday - Rest

My future goal is to win the NABBA Universe trained figure class and then support those just starting out in competitive bodybuilding.

My Top Tip

Keep consistent with diet and training, and above all have fun and enjoy your new body.