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Kathryn Stanworth

Vital Statistics Before Current
Age - 33
Height 173 cm -
Weight 165kgs 97kgs
Clothes Size 30 14

From worrying about fitting in airplane seats, to becoming one formidable boxer, Kathryn Stanworth has had one INCREDIBLE transformation!

Starting nearly four years ago, she grew tired of her weight affecting everyday tasks – joining a slimming club and cutting out the office desk snacks for good.

Ever since, she hasn’t looked back… Killing it at plenty of marathon races and eventually taking part in a charity White Collar Boxing league! It’s amazing sport -  a test of strength, reaction and stamina that she has risen to the challenge of.

With such an AMAZING change, we just had to find out more…

Kathryn Before and After

Training Plan

My Training is quite intense at the moment as I’m a few weeks away from my UWCB fight so currently I’m doing the following

  • 2 * 5 Mile Runs
  • 2 * PT session (Varied training currently focussing on strength and agility)
  • 3 * Boxing Session (These vary between sparring, fitness work and techniques and normally last around 90 mins)
  • 2 * Gym Sessions (Currently focussing around agility, increasing hand and foot speed)
  • And lots and lots of daily skipping!

Meal Plan

I’m quite a creature of habit, so like to stick to similar foods that work for me.

Interview with Kathryn Stanworth

Hi Kathryn! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. What made you think “enough is enough” and decide it’s time for a change?

I had known for a while that I was unhappy with my appearance and lifestyle. I really wanted to change it, but I had no idea where to start.

It was getting harder and harder to do the simple things without worrying my size would be a factor. Simple things like going on a plane would fill me with fear due to not knowing if I would fit in the seat.

I guess one day it just clicked and I decided to join a slimming club that day, find out exactly how much I weighed and take the first steps to a healthier lifestyle

How did you keep yourself motivated throughout it all?


I knew it was a long term change, so I decided to take things in small steps. At first going to weekly weigh-ins kept me motivated as I wanted to see the change on the scales, and I was enjoying trying new foods - learning to cook healthy meals for myself

After a few months I decided to take the next step and start exercising, starting with a few walks to the park. I then took the big step and joined the gym, getting a Personal Trainer. At this point, my journey became a lifestyle.

I found with exercising it was something I could always find new challenges with. There were no limits to where you can progress to, it gave me so many opportunities and gave me a whole new social circle with people who had the same goals

Paint me a picture about completing your first challenge in 2013. How did you feel? You must have been buzzing about it!

Completing the first Half Marathon after only 8 months of exercise was the most surreal thing ever!

I knew that people didn’t really expect me to finish, so I knew whatever it took I would finish that race. I had actually been in hospital 72 hours earlier with them wanting to remove my gall bladder, but I managed to persuade them to hold off till after the run.

It was in my home town as well, so I must have had 40 people waiting at the finish line for me which was amazing!

What has been the hardest challenge for you to date?

The Rat Race Coast to Coast Challenge in September 2015 was extreme, we had to Run, Bike and Kayak 106 miles over two days, when I signed up for it January 2015 I couldn’t even ride a bike!

Kathryn Before her Transformation

So the training that went into that was physically draining! Then 8 weeks before I had a slight fracture of my AC joint in my shoulder so had to rest up just a few weeks before the event.

The end of it was 13 miles over and around Ben Nevis before a 2km Kayak over Loch Leven to the finish line… I was absolutely broken!

In terms of physically the hardest, it was my first White Collar fight in April, it was the hardest 6 minutes I’ve ever been through, its physically and emotionally draining, yet the best feeling in the world

Do you feel these challenges get easier for you over the time you’ve transformed yourself?

No they just get more extreme, I constantly have to have a goal and challenge so I’m always looking for something to do!!

Boxing is taking up a lot of time at the moment as want to see how far it takes me.

Did you have any setbacks? If so, how did you overcome these?

I have not had any setbacks as such. Social engagements do cause some problems, if I attend I eat and drink more than I would. Also my training partner got a new job which meant working long hours and shift work so for the past 3 months I have trained alone.

I can honestly say having a training partner is a must, especially if you have an experienced one as I had.

Kathryn After Her Transformation

Let’s talk food! What was your diet like before your transformation?

When I look back now, I realise how bad it was!

I worked long hours, so could go all day with just eating chocolate bars and crisps, then come home and order a big takeaway to myself.

I would hate to imagine how many calories I would consume in a day whilst doing no exercise… It scares me!

And now from your meal plan, your diet looks amazing! What is your Muscle Food favourite?

As you can see I like Chicken! I love the Chilli and Lime Chicken breasts, but I do enjoy the Dragon Fire Glazed one too!

I always keep a few of the prepared meals in the freezer to take on days out, to stop me eating fast food. My favourite by far is the Turkey Burgers with Sweet Potato.

Everybody is allowed a cheat meal every now and again… What’s your favourite?

Kathryn After her transfirmation

It surprises people but I don’t really have cheat meals. I like the foods I eat now, so don’t really crave any kind of junk food.

If I go out I always tend to pick the fish option or sometime I will go for a wholemeal based vegetable pizza.

I get a bit of grief off my friends as I did used to like Oreos but can honestly say I don’t remember the last time I had one!

Were there any particular foods/snacks you found it hard to give up?

I think because I started off the transformation with a slimming group, I was allowed them in limited portions to start with. So as I gave them up gradually, instead of going “cold turkey,” it probably hasn’t really bothered me.

Maybe if I thought about it, it would be Oreos!!

And now onto the workout part of the interview! What is your standard exercise routine?

It tends to vary massively depending on the next challenge I have signed up to!

When I was training for Coast to Coast, it was a lot of leg work to prepare them for all the running and cycling. As a lot of the challenges I sign up for are quite technical, a lot of my training is spent on specific things.

My poor PT has to adjust my training to suit the challenges all the time!

Do you have any favourite workouts?

Kathryn before and after her transformation

I enjoy doing a lot of the reaction training for Boxing - it works your brain and body and I like that.

I enjoy “boot camp” style workouts outdoors as well where you mainly use your body weight.

And any that you’re not such a big fan of?

Despite doing 4 half marathons, numerous mud and OCR races, and weekly runs, I’m not a fan of running.

I do it because I have to, but I moan about it every step of the way! Yet you can’t beat the feeling of finishing a race and I always want to beat people I know and my last time!

It’s a love-hate relationship!

Have you received any words of wisdom that have stuck with your during the transformation?

Lots of people have been supportive on my journey and help me along, whether it’s just been to say “Well Done” or give me advice in gym!

But the main words of wisdom tend to come from my Personal Trainer, he seen and been part of most of the transformation so probably understands these what these challenges mean to me and why I do them.

I think the latest one he told me was before my first Boxing match:

On a journey with no fixed destination, there can be no wrong turns, just opportunities

How important is weight training to your workout and your efforts in Boxing – something you thought would make you “manly”?

Every challenge I have done seems to have involved weight training, as I’ve had to build up certain muscles for different events.

Weight training is important for boxing, as despite wanting to be quick and agile, my punches need to be powerful. You may only get to land one of two in a round so they have to count!

I’ve never really been afraid of the looking “manly” thing as I understand training has to be varied to be successful… Although my shoulders have grown with Boxing!!

kathryn before a boxing match

Speaking of boxing… What got you into it, and why did you pick the sport?

I saw an advert on Facebook to do White Collar Boxing for Cancer Research and thought that sounded like a challenge. It got delayed slightly last year because of my shoulder injury but when I started training at a Boxing Club in October I was addicted!

I was lucky as I had a high level of fitness, so I could get straight into the technical work.

My first fight in April was the best experience of my life, the buzz of getting in a ring and fighting was unreal and I can’t wait to do it all over again

Who are the most inspirational figures in boxing to you?

I love watching Anthony Joshua fight and enjoy watching all the training drills and videos he posts. The guy is an unreal athlete as well and you can see how hard he works. I really can’t see anybody beating him anytime soon.

I follow Chris Eubank JNR too, his training videos are really good to watch and I try to pick up on things I can do in the gym to help me

Have you got any big challenges/fitness plans for the future?

I’m concentrating on Boxing for the time being, but I am always signing up to Half Marathon and mud runs!

I always want to get better and progress, and still need to get to my target weight. I’ve got lots to work on still.

Kathryn after her transformation

And finally, do you have any advice for people who are looking to transform?

You have to be 100% ready, there’s no point doing it half-heartedly and you have to accept it’s not a diet, it becomes your lifestyle.

People see my exercise regime as extreme, and I can see why but it’s what fits into my life currently and I’m sure as things change in life I will adapt it accordingly.

You have to be surrounded by people who will support you and have similar goals.

Muscle Food Final Thoughts

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