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Kelly Louise

Vital Statistics Current
Height 5'4.5"
Weight 9 - 9 1/2 stone
Body Fat 18% off season

Meet Kelly-Louise – one half of the FittSisters, and a down-to-earth fitness fanatic who has taken her work to the competitive bikini scene!

She began professional dancer at the age of 21-28, working with some of the best choreographers and learning the art of dedication. But after a knee injury while marathon training, it gave her some time to really think about what she wanted her future to be.

With that opportunity, the fitness bug caught on in 2013, as Kelly went to Body Power with her sister Stephanie Jane. The moment Kelly saw Georgia Simms take to the pro stage, it was immediately clear she wanted to follow in her footsteps!

From that point, her journey really took off with coaching from Michelle Brannan and Tom Brazier. AND the addiction became so real, Kelly and Steph founded their own brand FittSisters.

Then she began competing, and as she won a Pro Card with the WBFF, Kelly started using her story to empower other women to make the change.

A BIG muscle foodie - we sat down with Kelly-Louise to talk about life from her humble beginnings to regularly scheduled bikini photoshoots!

Kelly Louise Physique

Meal Plan

I don’t plan my meals ahead as I’m always very busy and on the go. I also had an eating disorder from the ages 13-20 when I was a professional dancer, so any kind of restriction scares me. I like to keep mine and my clients’ nutrition varied and flexible. 

Training Plan

It changes depending on my goal and if I’m competing or not… At the moment I’m off competing season, so it’s as follows:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Legs/Shoulder hit Back/Chest/Arms/Abs Shoulders/Abs
Thursday Friday Saturday
Legs/Glute hit Cardio/circuit day/Abs Glutes

*Sunday is an rest day.

Sometimes I’ll swap the days around and take my rest day when I feel I need it or swap my training days if I need to work more on specific muscle groups etc. I also combine this with HIIT/Interval/Circuit/Dance based cardio and sometimes add LISS, but I try to sweat rather than long cardio to keep my fitness up. 

Kelly louise The Interview

Hi Kelly, thank you for taking the time to chat with us - let's dive straight into your sporting history in WBFF… Why did you decide to compete and go pro?

Me and my sister, Stephanie Jane who is also a WBFF Bikini Pro, attended Body Power in 2013 and watched one of the competitions. I remember seeing Georgia Simms and thinking “OMG I need to look like that!”

So, me and Steph started our journey with Michelle Brannan and Tom Brazier coaching us – kicking off our brand Fittsisters. It’s really just about our own journey, and we both just fell in love with the sport.

After a while, I realised I wanted to learn as much as I could to prep myself, so I spent hours and hours learning, researching and trialling methods. I prepped myself and won my PRO card in June 2014, and then prepped my sister for the WBFF worlds, where she also won her PRO card.

We then started getting other girls asking us to coach them and our brand Fittsisters grew.

How do you balance training for competition and your professional dance career - do the two complement each other, or do they work against each other?

I started dancing at the age of 3 and continued onto Dance College in London, then went on to dance professionally from the age of 21-28. I then hurt my knee while I was training for a marathon so I took some time out of dance. I was ready to also as id had a great dance career.

It was then I started personal training more and got interested in competing. My Dance background has definitely helped with my dedication, hard work ethic and discipline in competing, and of course my stage routines and choreography.

I have worked with some of the best choreographers and posing coaches in the world, and I have learnt so much that I can add to my past knowledge.

Kelly Louise

What do you enjoy most and least about fitness?

I love the progress you can make, the challenges, the people you meet along the way, the travel and opportunities it brings and that I can do something I love every day that never feels like a job!

Sometimes it’s hard when you just want to have a day off and eat everything in sight… But I have more balance these days - allowing myself odd treats and rest when I need it.

I have also worked on Fittsister methods, so we have a few different plans we use for off season which is more flexible and comp prep which will get us to where we need to be. 

What motivates you to keep going and push harder?

Simple…My love and passion for it! I like seeing the changes, no matter how small sometimes and I also love helping and inspiring others.

When I get my clients check in and send messages saying how happy they are, this means so much to me!

Favourite body part to train and why?


I started training glutes about 5 years ago, before it became popular. I would train just glute days in the gym and people would look at me like I was crazy, or ask why I am just training glutes!

Now I think they’ll know why…

And the one exercise you hate?

I don’t really hate any particular exercise, but my least favourite muscle to train is the back. I think it’s just because I can’t see it when I’m training and it’s not particularly my strongest point. But it has to be done.

What inspired you and your sister - Stephanie-Jane - to set up Fittsisters?

We wanted to help other women get fit and healthy, and share our journey and knowledge with them to get to their goals. We are also very strong on empowering other women and we thought the name also fits in well with this! 

It’s not always about aesthetics - sometimes people just need help increasing their confidence.

kelly louise

Your proudest achievement to date?

100% winning my Pro card with the WBFF. I worked so hard to get there and I wasn’t going to give up until I did it.

What advice would you give to someone who'd like to follow in your WBFF footsteps?

Work hard and find a friend to do it with, as it makes it more fun! Don’t give up - you will have good and bad days, but it’s all part of the journey and makes the celebration sweeter…

Also try to find a balance. Keep seeing your friends and socialising as I feel sometimes we can isolate ourselves. I’ve only just learnt to find a balance after 3 years competing but it makes a massive difference in your happiness and confidence.

Are you training for anything in particular at the moment?

I’m off season, so no competitions yet… I always like to keep fit and in shape, so I train just as hard as when I compete but eat more too.

To me, this is just a lifestyle as I have all of my life and I do shoots and events also, so I need to be a week or 2 ready for a shoot. I’ve also got back into dancing, so this feels amazing and also keeps me fit. 

How do you feel about cardio - love it or loathe it?

I actually like cardio… Believe it or not! I love feeling physically fit and think fitness is more than just aesthetics. We only get one body so we need to look after it.

Getting to your nutrition now - how would you describe your diet?

I tend to do a flexible plan based on high protein, low-mod carbs/high on refeeds/lower fats. I don’t follow any set meal plans or even prep food. I like to listen to my body and keep things flexible.

What does your EPIC cheat meal consist of?

OMG I can eat if I want to! I’m not too bad now, as my diet is pretty flexible so don’t really get crazy cravings anymore but my weakness is pic and mix.

I will sometimes have one on my reefed day. If I go out for a treat meal, I may get steak and chips and a dessert or sometimes a burger and chips. Everything in moderation, but were only human and we like a treat every so often!

If we opened your fridge right now - what would we see?

kelly louise's food choices

I live with my partner Ryan Dack, who is also a WBFF Pro athlete, so our fridge is really good. We both eat clean foods and don’t have any rubbish food in the house, so if want something we have to go out and buy it.

In our house we mainly have lean meats (from Muscle Food ;) ) - eggs, tubs and tubs of protein, oats, salad and veg, low fat yoghurts, rice cakes/snack a jacks and fruit.

What's the most surprising thing you can do?

Hmmmm… Tap dance? Is that surprising?!

Favourite motivational quote?

“Everything happens for a reason.”

I live by this quote and it’s got me through some tough times in my life, but it’s never failed me. Sometimes you go through things and at the time you don’t know why, but later on you look back and think, ah yes, that’s why it happened!

Who are your fitness heroes and how did they inspire you?

I love Michelle Lewin. She is beautiful and has the most amazing body, but she’s also very down to earth and has gone through tough times in her life.

kelly louise

I like real people, who don’t pretend they’re perfect, and aren’t scared to be silly and have fun. Me and my sister are so silly when were together and I think it’s important to have fun.

How do you like to chill out when not gyming or dancing?

Hmmm… If I’m honest, I don’t chill out much at all. If I’m not training or dancing, I’m usually writing client programmes or training them.

But I’ve learnt to try and have some chill time, so I will go out for meals, watch the odd TV show or go to the pictures. I also like catching up with friends or going shopping.

What's next for you?

I’ve just moved to Sheffield as my partner has opened an amazing gym called S20 Physique, so I’m doing some stuff from here… And I’m also in the process of setting up some Dance classes again to start teaching.

Fittsisters also have our own clothing range and were also busy writing new plans and programmes etc, so we’re busy bees… I wouldn’t have it any other way!