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Can Kettlebell Exercises Improve Your Sex Life?

By Jamie Lloyd

  • Kettlebell exercises are hated by some people in the fitness community, but there’s one bedroom benefit that nobody really knows…
  • But can Kettlebells really improve your sex life? UK Kettlebell Champion Jamie Lloyd turns into your love counsellor by looking at the facts.

Remember that summer when everyone in the UK was reading the same book? On the beach, on the train, or in the doctor’s waiting room – Fifty Shades of Grey was changing the way everyone thought and talked about sex!

Even the film brought it front of mind once again, I can tell you as a man, as a health coach, as a strength and containing coach, that's all good.

While we can read about it all we want, to actually have great sex there are a few key ingredients we must put into place, practice and master if we want to be a good all-rounder in the sack.

Just click ‘next page’ for all the sexy secrets…

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