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Laura Ciotte

Vital Statistics Current
Age 18
Weight 70kg
Height 1.74m
Body-fat 16%

At 18-years-old, Laura Ciotte has done it all when it comes to breaking into the world of fitness – leaving school and becoming a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor!

Her love for sport was immediate from her days in school, but without any clubs for her to really fulfil that as a teenager, she quickly caught the gym bug and started weight training.

Now, she works hard transforming the lives of people through their physique and nutrition – while making sure their lives don’t become all about fitness. She shares same belief that we do, in that fitness should just be a fun and exciting part of that life.

So with similar mind sets, we had to talk to her!

Laura Ciotte

Exercise & Diet

  • Workout 1

    Upper Body:

    • Kettlebell Press (4 sets of drop blocks)
    • Cable Lateral Raises (4 sets of drop blocks)
    • One Arm Kettlebell Row (4 sets of drop blocks)
    • Seated Cable Row (4 sets of drop blocks)
    • Lat Pulldown (4 sets of drop blocks)
  • Workout 2

    Lower body and abs:

    • Deadlift (4 sets of drop blocks)
    • Single leg hip thrust (4 sets of 8)
    • Lying leg raises (3 sets of 8)
    • Front Squat (4 sets of drop blocks)
    • Russian twist (3 sets of 10-12 reps each side)
    • Walking lunges (4 lengths of the gym)
    • Plank triset (3 trisets)
  • Workout 3

    Upper body and abs:

    • Alternating shoulder press (4 sets of drop blocks)
    • Serratus Crunch (3 sets of 8-12)
    • Lying Lateral Raises (2 sets of drop blocks each side)
    • Bench supported row (4 sets of drop blocks)
    • Reverse flys (3 sets of 8-12 reps)
    • Upright Row (4 drop blocks)
    • Dumbell Side Bend (3 sets of 10-12 reps each side)
  • Workout 4

    Lower Body:

    • Sumo Kettlebell Squat (4 sets of drop blocks)
    • Hip Thrusts (4 sets of drop blocks)
    • Smith Machine Donkey Kicks (4 sets of drop blocks)
    • Hamstring Curl Machine (4 sets of drop blocks)


Hi Laura – thanks for taking the time to talk to us! Let’s start from the beginning. Can you tell me about your sporting history?

I've always had an immense passion for all things sport. As a child I would do up to three different sports per day, however in my early teens I found a lack of clubs at high school and in my local meant I was left without any structure in my physical activity. This is where my love of the gym and weight training began.

What made you decide to become a PT?

I decided to become a personal trainer to start my own business transforming not only the physiques of people, but their entire lives through the right training and nutrition. I like to make sure that fitness isn't overtaking my clients lives, it should just be a fun and exciting part of it.

For those looking to become trainers themselves, let’s get into the nitty gritty – what qualifications do you need and how long does it take to achieve this status?


As a tutor for trainee personal trainers this is right up my street. To work in a gym and write programmes/deliver inductions you need your Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification, AIQ are good for these. If you want to work 121 with clients over a period of time as a personal trainer you need your Level 3 Personal Training, you'll also need insurance which you can get through REPS if you have the AIQ certification. Depending on what you want to specialise in you can do courses like GP referral, lower back pain, teaching circuits, spinning etc. Feel free to email me for more details about courses.

What’s your best advice for someone fitting health & fitness into a busy lifestyle?

Short. high intensity workouts are perfect if you've only got twenty minutes to exercise (and let’s be honest everyone has). As you can see from my workouts two are shorter to fit into lunch breaks. I then train for longer if I have a morning or evening off. Circuits are a great option if you're short on time. I'm currently in the process of writing an exciting new programme called 'Toned in Twenty' for all you busy people out there, it's based on weights and circuits and makes sure you're making the most of your twenty minute workout time.

Any favourite exercises? And why?

Sumo Kettlebell Squats are a great way of hitting all the major muscles in your lower body with just one exercise- perfect if you're short of time. They're also pretty friendly on the lower back- which has always been a problem for me when weight training.

What about exercises you loathe?

Quad Extensions... Just squat, or leg press if you're prohibited from squatting due to injury. That way you can develop multiple muscle groups and save time!

What has inspired you to carry on if/when times get tough?

Everyone has their off days and if I'm ill I just won't train. Other than that a bit of pre workout and I'm good to go. If I don't want to train I just do what I want to do instead; so swap the weights for the swimming pool or switch it up with resistance bands to stop the mind getting bored.

Onto the diet! You’ve had some amazing recipes in the past – what’s your favourite?

BCAA Jelly: Small packet gelatine, 3-4 scoops of BCAA's (watermelon is lovely) and just stir in boiling water before setting in the fridge. Great tasting with barely any calories! Great when you're cutting.

Sugar free Jelly, lots of pasta, tins of fish, cold chicken, greek yoghurt, anything I can grab and go.


Are you following any specific macros right now? And do they change with the seasons?

I don't follow any sort of meal plan, firstly because my life is way to hectic for that- working as a personal trainer and swim coach alongside my studies. Secondly because life is just too short. I eat whatever fits my macros although I do go for 80% 'clean' foods to keep myself healthy. My current cutting macros are 2200 calories, 165g protein, 49g fat and 275g carbs. Although this will be increasing to 2600 calories over the next few weeks for my lean bulk.

Time for some quick fire questions – favourite film?

The Green Mile

Favourite music to listen to while working out?


Would you rather be a vegan for life or hunt for your own meat?

Hunt my own, for sure.

Greatest achievement to date?

Since I left school I've completed Level 1 and Two Teaching Aquatics, L2 Gym Instructor, L3 Personal Trainer, Teaching Indoor Cycling, Instructing Circuits, Emergency First Aid, Level 5 Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor, NPLQ. I'm currently working towards my L3 Education and Teaching, and L3 Assessing Qualifications so I can teach and assess the next generation of personal trainers- oh and my GP referral course. Not bad for an eighteen-year-old.


Any plans for the future?

Increase my amount of online coaching and travel the world on my Harley. Sweet and simple goals.

And finally, what words of inspiration would you give to anyone looking to get fit just like you did?

I am a bit of an excited puppy when it comes to fitness – I love to try new ways of getting, and keeping, fit. But also, I know I love CrossFit now, but you never know what might change and, for me, keeping active is incredibly important, so I guess it’s good to know what else is out there.

What's next for you?

Like Nike said 'Just Do It'