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Laura Muirhead

Vital Statistics Current
Height 5ft 6in (1.68m)
Weight 8st 5lb (53.7kg)
Body Fat 13%

32-year-old Laura Muirhead began her fitness journey just four years ago after looking at photographs and getting a, "scary reality check".

She knew she had to do something to get her weight, and lifestyle, under control and began attending a slimming class for motivation.

Lacking in confidence though, Laura didn’t exercise, but through a healthy diet and documenting her daily food intake, she lost the pounds and reached her goal weight - but she felt she was still missing out on something…

Laura Muirhead

So, she took the plunge and joined her local gym. This was to be her greatest decision to date!

She became fascinated with lifestyle and diet changes, the benefits of lifting and protein, and by making small changes in the way she was eating, and attending workout classes – Laura's passion for exercise was ignited.

Now, instead of watching soaps and eating bicky’s, Laura likes to spend her time in the gym and concocting new and delicious protein baked goodies for her, her friends and her husband.

Here’s her transformation story…

Laura Muirhead

Training Plan

I usually take a rest day of training so depending on my work and commitments I work it around.


  • 45 mins weight training
  • Abs (area specific)
  • 45 mins cardio


  • 1 hr. cardio (body attack)


  • Morning run- 4 miles approx.
  • 30 mins metafit and some trx work


  • 45 mins weight training
  • Abs
  • 45 min cardio


  • 45 mins cardio (boxing)


  • 1hr circuits
  • 45 mins combat training


  • 5-6 mile run
  • Weight training for approx. 1 hr.

Meal Plan

I drink a lot of green tea and water throughout everyday.

If I want a treat I have it I just don't over indulge. You have to reward yourself I don't deprive myself of anything.

A typical week could look like this:

A Typical Week




  • 7.30am - protein shake
  • 10.30am - slice of protein bread with scrambled eggs
  • 12.30pm - grilled chicken salad
  • 3.30pm - 0% fat Greek yogurt (half a small tub)
  • 7.00pm - quorn chili with salad
  • 8pm - homemade protein pancakes and berries as a nice dessert



Saturday: (is my relaxed day of diet)


Interview with Laura Muirhead

OK – so let's start with the basics – what age are you, where are you from and what's your day job?

I am 32yrs, from Fife in Scotland and I work within banking.

Why did you decide to go through a body transformation?

I never saw myself as overweight and I whenever my jeans got too tight I simply went up another size without a hesitation, then on returning from a work trip and looked at previous photos I got a very bad and scary reality check.

How exactly did you go about it?

I started by joining slimming class to help motivate me at first. I didn't exercise, as I had no confidence. I found writing what I eat down every day really helped, it meant I didn't cheat myself. I slowly but surely lost a few pounds a week and hit my goal weight but had no love of life, and myself.

…I found a love for protein and anything to do with it including baking…
Peanut Butter + Protein Bread

I then took the plunge and joined my local Bannatyne's gym and became more and more interested in lifestyle diet changes, protein and the benefits of 'lifting'. So I started to make small changes in the way I was eating and found a love for protein and anything to do with it including baking… My friends will tell you, I experiment and they have to sample it regularly.

My motivation was through the roof and my hobby has gone from watching soaps and eating biscuits to challenging myself lifting and making new protein snacks!!

How long did your transformation take from start to finish?

From start to finish it's been a around 4 years but I lost the weight then went for toning, its not a quick process and it takes a lot of determination, set backs and support to keep pushing through.

When did you first really notice that all your hard work was paying off?

I think after I lost 3 stone I could really feel the difference in myself and then people started to compliment me, and I helped to inspire other girls who were like me. But I feel I always kind of have new challenges to myself so keep going!

What would your three top tips be for anyone wanting to replicate your transformation?

Laura Muirhead

If someone wanted to change their life like I did the best advice I could say is:

  1. Don't do silly fad diets; slow healthy weight loss is by far the best way just stick with it the results will happen.
  2. Treat yourself, don't deprive yourself of treats as long as you don't over indulge regularly these wont make a difference and will help you stick to you're new lifestyle without resent.
  3. Make exercise fun. Try get over the hurdle of it being a chore, that phase will pass, stick it out and you'll be motivated with results.

How did you maintain your motivation during your training?

I am really results motivated, it takes a few months to get those results but once they are there, so is the motivation. Classes really motivate me on days I feel I need a push, or if I have a night out / holiday I want to look and feel my best for.

What was the toughest part of your journey?

Scrambled egg, Chicken & Tuna

It's never easy. The toughest part is probably just making sure life doesn't take over.

9. How did you overcome this?

Work and personal commitments are always busy but I don't do excuses so whatever the time of day whether a 6.30am metafit or late 4 miler run, I've got to do it. A workout is like 4% of my day.

What role did nutrition play during your workout journey?

Nutrition is the main way you get results. What I eat is so important to the results I get. Also you can't train if you aren't fuelled so knowing when and what to eat pre and post training are so important.

I don't know where I would be without my protein! It's so important to be prepared. I cook my work lunches and snacks days in advice; don't reach for the crisps and chocolate at work. It's not worth it!

…you can't train if you aren't fuelled so knowing when and what to eat pre and post training are so important

Which three whole foods could you not live without and why?

Chicken, eggs and beef are top 3 but it's a hard question… I've soooo many - I love food.

Do you use supplements? If so, what do you use and why?

Protein Shake

I use a good whey protein shake a few times a day and I take electrolyte tablets in my water throughout the day.

13. What's your most favourite way to workout and why?

I love body attack it's a great all over workout, but you can't beat a long run on a cold crisp day…

What's your current workout goal?

At the moment I'm working on upper body so lifting heavier to get more definition… we will see in 8 weeks.

How has your fitness journey impacted your life as a whole?

It's changed my whole life and who I am. I have pride in myself again and enjoy buying myself nice clothes. My confidence is through the roof and I'm so happy and healthy. I can recommend anyone to try making the change.

My confidence is through the roof and I'm so happy and healthy.

Where would you like to be in 5 years?

In 5 years I want to be a mum - a mum that's leading a fit and healthy lifestyle and an inspiration to their children and other women.

How do you like to spend your free time?

My free time is spent usually at the gym with my husband. He is into his fitness so we love a night at the gym followed by a sauna and steam… bliss. If I'm not at the gym I enjoy going out for dinner or out with friends.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I hope this inspires someone to make the change like I did.

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