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Liam Higgins

Vital Statistics Current
Height 5'11" (1.80m)
Off Season Weight 171lb (78kg)
On Season Weight 165lb (75kg)

Being a skinny adolescent Liam found a passion for health, fitness and bodybuilding very early on and joined a gym at just 17. He has since gone from strength to strength, teaching himself the skills required to create the body of his dreams.

Liam is an extremely motivated young man, who fuels his desire to succeed using affirmations, positive quotes and the watching motivational videos of those he admires.

Having studied psychology Liam is a strong believer that a great physique starts in the mind and has many favourite motivation quotes and sayings.

Liam tells us how a good diet is attributed to 70% of his success and how he will never again indulge in chips and cider!

Liam Higgins

Liam has enjoyed some recent success in gaining a clothing sponsor and winning POTW, with his overall goal being to step on stage in Las Vegas to compete in the WBFF World Championships along with the best of the best.

Training Plan

I change up my program every 8 weeks and this could be something simple like different muscles groups different days, switching from barbell to dumb bells or a totally new program. This keeps me motivated and keeps the body guessing. At the moment my plan is::

Monday: Chest & Triceps

  • Barbell bench press
  • Incline D/B
  • Decline bench
  • Incline flys
  • Cable flys with push ups
  • Preacher curl
  • Hammer curl drop sets
  • Cable curl drop set + forearms

Tuesday (Legs)

  • Squats
  • Romanian deadlifts
  • Leg Extension
  • Leg curl
  • Leg press
  • Calf press
  • Calf raise

Wednesday (Cardio + ab’s)

  • Decline bench medicine ball raises
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Decline bench leg raises
  • Weighted ab cruncher drop sets
  • Cable wood chop
  • Plank

Thursday: (Back + Triceps)

  • Wide grip pull ups
  • Lat pull down drop sets
  • Hyper extension
  • Low row
  • Weighted dips
  • Close grip bench
  • Cable tricep pull down

Friday: (Shoulder)

  • D/B Press
  • Lat raises drop set
  • Front raises
  • Rear fly
  • Cable rear delt
  • Machine shoulder press drop set
  • Shrugs with barbell drop set to 25kg plates

Saturday: Rest

  • Rest Day

Sunday: Rest

  • Rest Day

Meal Plan

A detailed example of your weekly meal plan.:

Interview with Liam Higgins

Let’s start with the basics – what’s your age, where are you from and what is your day job?

I am 23, from Kildare in Ireland and I have just finished my Bachlors(Hons) in Business Management and am now working full time in car sales.

Why did you enter Physique Of The Week?

I had been dieting extremely hard for the past 2 months for a photo shoot so I was in very good shape. I was applying to modeling agencies and came across the site. I decided to upload my details and pictures.

What was your reaction when you found out you’d won?

I was delighted when I found out I had been nominated. I was straight onto facebook and Instagram to get my followers to like my link. The support was amazing and I would like to thank everyone who voted for me.

Would you recommend others to enter the competition?

Yes if you are in good shape and have pictures its worth taking 5 minutes to upload them and try to get recognised. It has given me a huge boost and my motivation has increased even more.

Training and motivation:

Tell us about your fitness journey...

Liam Higgins

I have always had an interest in weights and the gym from a young age. I bought my first set of dumb bells when I was 11, not knowing what I was doing really. I did exercise during my early teens but properly joined the gym age 17. I knew I wanted to be on stage competing, and I had a goal in mind. I started to educate myself on diet and nutrition and was fascinated by how the body worked. I would spend hours online looking at athletes and reading blogs, articles and tips. I am now looking at the fitness modeling. I want to keep promoting my name and eventually become a well recognised athlete. I have recently been sponsored by the UK clothing company Protime Fitness.

Being a natural bodybuilder, how long was it before you noticed a change in your physique?

I was skinny as a young guy. I had being doing ab work and dumb bells so I guess this laid a foundation for me when I properly started training. I remember I was eating a lot of carbs when I started to put on size so I guess I noticed results a few months in which really motivated me to keep going.

What’s your end goal to your training?

My goal is to become a WBFF Pro and compete in Las Vegas at the World Championships. I want to be on the cover of fitness magazines and be a recognised athlete inspiring others.

What training advice would you give to those wanting to go through a transformation?

Liam Higgins

If you want to achieve a goal, whether it’s in fitness or any other area of your life. you need to close your eyes and visualise it. You need to know exactly what you want, when you want it and how you’re going to get it. People who tell you ‘you can’t do it’ are your best motivator. You have to be excited going into the gym and need to set achievable objectives along the way. You have to remember it is a slow process and seeing results can take months. You have to keep pushing and stay motivated. I recommend changing up your training program every 8 weeks and continually thinking of your end result. Watch motivational videos and hang around positive people who have similar interests.

What area of your body do you enjoy working out the most and why?

Liam Higgins

My back. I want someone to walk up to me and ask me to rent it out as advertising space. Joking aside, I love training back. It may have been Ronnie Coleman who once said "I want my chest so large I can sit a teacup on it" Now I feel justified for telling you my back is important to me. It just feels awesome my lats are getting big. A wide back maketh a man. And one other body part that may come as a surprise, my glutes. How awesome it is to fill a pair of jeans?

What about cardio – are you a fan or do you think all you need is weights?

I do cardio for 10 minutes before every workout to warm up but also will do a cardio and abs session twice a week. This would last about 1 hour in total. It’s important to keep your heart beating and the blood flowing.

Do you listen to music at the gym - If so what track really gets your heart pumping?

I normally work out with a mate but if I’m on my own I love putting on my bass headphones and going into my own world. I am totally focused and motivated and I think this just makes a session better. My favourite track is Lose Yourself by Eminem.

Do you have a favourite motivational quote?

I am a huge believer in the Law of Attraction and I also study philosophy. I have loads of books on achieving success and my wall in covered with positive affirmations and quotes. My favourite would have to be “Follow your dreams, or you will spend the rest of your life working for someone who did”.


How important is a healthy, balanced diet to you in maintaining your physique?

Muscles are made in the kitchen not the gym. Diet is 70% of building a prefect physique and I totally believe in this. You can’t go to the gym, tear your muscle fibers and then go home and eat crap food. You need a good diet with plenty of natural food to repair your muscles and keep everything in order.

Chris' 3 Top Foods

What role (if any) do supplements play in your training? Or are you 100% whole foods all the way.

A clean whole food diet is the way forward but there are certain supplements I do use to speed up my recovery and build muscle faster. I use whey protein, BCAA’s and L-glutamine post workout. I will use taurine and creatine sometimes before a workout to give me the extra focus and strength. I also take a multi-vitamin, fish oils and glucosamine to keep the joints healthy.

Which three whole foods could you simply not live without and why?

Cottage cheese an hour before bed. Porridge first thing in the morning for slow released energy throughout the morning. Chicken during the day to keep my protein levels high.

What’s more important – hitting the gym or eating right and why?

Eating right. Even if you don’t go to the gym but eat right you will feel healthier and better in general. The food you eat has a massive impact on both your physical and mental health. The gym is only 20% of creating a good body.

Some say fitness is all in the mind – how true have you found this to be?

What you focus on with your thoughts and feeling is what you attract into your experience. The mind is a powerful tool and I have studied psychology over the past 5 years to understand how our thoughts work. You need to wake up with your goal on your mind and fall asleep thinking about it as well.

What foods would you never put into your body again?

I would never ever eat deep fried chips again. They are just full of grease and the thought of that grease inside me makes me feel sick. In terms of drink I would never as long as I live drink cider on a night out. It has so much sugar in one pint and the normal person could drink4-6 a night which is 200g sugar, scary.

We notice you like to create some of your own healthy recipes - do you have a favourite?

Yes I like making Protein smoothies and bars. I keep it simple. For my protein smoothie I put in 500ml low fat milk, 3 scoops of strawberry whey, banana, apple and peanut butter. For the bars I mix oats and whey together and blend with milk. This creates a sticky mixture. I then add seeds and peanut butter. I bake it for 20 minutes and then leave in the fridge. It’s so simple to make and they taste awesome.

The future - Onwards and upwards!

What’s next for you?

The month of September has been one to remember. I started out with a photo shoot and sent them to modeling agencies, and also entered this competition. I got signed by a reputable modeling agency in London, I won POTW which was promoted all over social media. At the end of the month I was offered sponsorship by Protime Fitness in the UK. In 2015 I will be doing photo shoots. I will be competing in the Miami Pro in April and will also attend BodyPower UK expo.

If you could give one bit of advice to those just beginning to train - what would it be?

Visualise your end goal. Hang around people who have the same interest and motivation. Educate yourself on diet and nutrition. Don’t let someone tell you “you can’t do something”. You are going to experience setbacks, have bad days and other things that may push your limits but you need to keep your mind on one thing and not let anything stop you. “The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me”.

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