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Low Fat Chilli Cheese Stuffed Chicken Recipe

Chilli Cheese Stuffed Chicken

Chilli Cheese Stuffed Chicken

Macro Mitch

Succulent chicken breast with a delicious spinach, onion and Virtually Fat Free Monterey Jack Jalapeño cheese filling, this is so easy to do and perfect if you love cheese but are watching your fats - ENJOY!

By Macro Mitch



  • Calories: 274kcal
  • Protein: 54.8g
  • Carbs: 9.2g
  • Fats: 2.1g

Nutritional comparison

Compare Mitch's Recipe Standard Recipe Difference
Calories 274 500 -226
Protein 54.8g 52g +2.8g
Carbs 9.2g 2g -7.2g
Fat 2.1g 17g -14.9g


  1. Preheat your oven to 200C
  2. Begin by finely dicing the red onion and tipping into a pan over a medium to high heat with a little low cl cooking spray.
  3. Fry until soft and translucent then toss in the spinach and wilt.
  4. Meanwhile, slice the chicken breast fillets in half lengthways without cutting the whole way through.
  5. Lay flat on a baking sheet on top of some tin foil and spoon on the spinach and onion mix to one side of the breast.
  6. Top with a few slices of the Virtually Fat Free Monterey Jack Cheese and roll the chicken breast to cover the filling.
  7. Secure with a toothpick (if needed) and cover with some more tin foil.
  8. Place in the oven for 20 minutes or until the juices of the chicken run clear.
  9. Finally, pop them under the grill to ensure the cheese is melted and the chicken has a touch of colour.
  10. Serve with a side of sweet potato, broccoli and corn on the cob!
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