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Luke Gibbons

Vital Statistics Before Current
Height 5ft 10in (1.78m)
Weight 15st 2lb (96.2kg) 13st 12lb (68.9kg)
Body Fat 21% 4.9%

Luke Gibbons first hit the gym at just 16 years old after completing a stint of work experience and was promptly bitten by the gym bug. In fact, he's still a member at that very same gym today – 6 years later!

At the time he enjoyed working out with the gym's owner and meeting new people, but when he began to notice changes in his body and how it adapted to the workouts he realised that training could be so much more and pushed himself to the max.

The results were phenomenal…

Luke Gibbons - Before & After

Having graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2013, Luke now aspires towards a career as a Nutritionist but inflated University fees for Masters degrees have put paid to those dreams for the moment.

Instead, he's working hard as a supervisor at Screwfix in Nottingham and training even harder with his sights firmly set on competing in the fitness industry.

He has competed in numerous local shows, including an annual one the gym he's a member of hosts, and most recently came 8th out of 14 in the UKBFF Juniors Category hosted at BodyPower 2014.

For the long term, though, Luke would love to gain sponsorship to help propel him further towards competing in the British qualifiers and, who knows, maybe even internationally…

Luke Gibbons

Training Plan

I change my routine every 6 weeks. It's always normally four sets of 12,10,8 and fail, with fail leading to two immediate drop sets.

Monday: Chest & Triceps

  • Bench Press Dumbbell
  • Incline Barbell Press
  • Flat Flys
  • Pullovers
  • Standing Tricep extension
  • Close grip bench press reverse
  • Tricep kick backs

Tuesday: Quads & Abs

  • Squats
  • Leg press
  • Leg curls
  • Sissy squats
  • Crunches- 5 sets of 25
  • Hanging leg raises 3 sets of 25
  • 5 sets of 1 minute planking
  • Ab roller, 3 sets of 20 reps
  • Dumbbell side raises 3 sets of 20

Wednesday: Back & Biceps

  • Chin ups 3 sets to failure
  • Lat pull down
  • Bent over rows
  • Close grip machine pull
  • Deadlifts
  • Concentration bicep curl, seated with negative motion
  • Barbell curl
  • Hammer curls

Thursday: Calves, Abs and Forearms

  • Standing calves raises, 100 reps, keep going even if reps of ten etc.
  • Calve press of leg press machine
  • Donkey raises
  • Abs: same as before but reverse order
  • Barbell wrist curl
  • Reverse wrist curl

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Shoulders and Hamstrings

  • Behind neck barbell press
  • Lateral raises
  • Bent over dumbbell laterals
  • Dumbbell shrugs
  • Dumbbell press
  • Lunges
  • Hamstrings machine curl
  • Good mornings


  • Re-train two weak point and 1 hour high intensity cardio (usually after cheat meal).

Meal Plan

This is my weekly meal plan for show preparation - I carb cycle…

  • Meal 1 - 6am:
    100g plain porridge oats and blueberries soaked in boiling water just above the oats, then when absorbed add 30g chocolate orange whey protein and microwave for 30 seconds! Then add 5 crushed almonds (after four weeks reduce to 75g, then 50g after another four weeks.
  • Meal 2 - 9am:
    150g chicken, 150g broccoli
  • Meal 3 - 12pm:
    150g white fish, 200g sweet potato and helpful amount of salad leaves (same process as before drop to 150g after four weeks, again to 100g)
  • Meal 4 - 3pm:
    150g Lean turkey steak with 150g green beans, 5 almonds
  • Meal 5 - 5:30pm:
    Same as meal 1 with a banana mixed in (pre workout)
  • Meal 6 - 8pm:
    Chicken 80g, 6 egg whites, one egg yolk omelette with asparagus. (1 cal spray)
  • Meal 7 - 11pm:
    Poached salmon on a bed of rocket leaves and sliced cucumber! Or casein powder with water however cut the whey from meal 5 and replace with boiled eggs on the side of oats!


  • Black coffee with breakfast and before training
  • BCAAs and glutamine juice during training
  • One litre of water with each meal
  • Green tea during the day
  • Season fish with black pepper, cayenne pepper or chilli seeds.
  • Add tbsp. Udo's oil to fish


Interview with Luke Gibbons

Let’s start with the basics, where are you from, what age are you and what is your day job?

I am aged 22 and have lived in Nottingham since birth. I currently work at Screwfix as a supervisor, however I graduated last summer at Nottingham Trent University with a BSc in Sports Science; Exercise, Nutrition and Health.

This is the career path I aspire towards and ideally would like to be a Nutritionist but I would need my Masters degree which is thousands of pounds! Therefore, I am struggling finding a job in the Nutrition field and the reason I'm still at the place I worked during University.

Tell us all about your training/sporting history - when you began to train and why?

I started training from around the age of 16. This was because in my final year at school I completed two weeks work experience at my local gym. This was were it all started and I am still a member to this day, 6 years down the line!

I enjoyed training with the gym owner and meeting new people. My body quickly adapted to the training routine I was given and this pushed me to work harder and harder.

What motivated you to pursue it to such a high level?

Luke Gibbons

Every year the gym I go to host a small, local bodybuilding competition open to the gym members. This has happened for around five years and is a good night for the people entering and watching.

The gym atmosphere is awesome whilst everyone is dieting for the show, posing practice goes off in the gym and there's lots of talk of who's likely to win etc.! It's the main event that everyone looks forward to in the year!

Tell us more about your competitive history…

I have competed in this local contests three times and this year I competed in BodyPower for the UKBFF in the Juniors category for the first time. I placed 8th out of 14 which I'm so proud of because it was such a tough line up - top two out of 3 were international!

UKBFF Juniors - BodyPower 2014

What is your favourite cardio routine for cutting body fat?

Luke Gibbons

I'm a huge believer of cycling and how it cuts and splits the legs whilst dieting, and burns excess body fat!

I recommend after weight training once glycogen stores have been depleted/utilised, 20 minutes of high intensity interval training is sufficient in burning body fat!

I also cycle to work, which is around 7 miles, fasted, and then eat my first meal of carbs and protein once arrived there.

How do you stave off cravings for sweet treats and junk food?

Cravings are literally mind over matter with me, when I'm dieting for a competition I have a set target therefore I tell myself I don't need that certain piece of junk.

Preparation is the key, setting out your meals for the day and taking nothing but that to work, I have been through so many occasions where luxury foods are put in front of me whilst dieting but I tell myself I'm doing it for a reason, no one is making me diet, the outcome will be worth it.

I tell myself I'm doing it for a reason, no one is making me diet, the outcome will be worth it!

What are your favourite pre and post workout meals?

Favourite pre workout meal has got to be porridge oats, chopped banana, blueberries and chocolate orange whey protein - I look forward to this everyday!

Post workout, I enjoy a chicken and 6 egg white one yolk omelette with asparagus and broccoli. Ideally a peanut butter flapjack also when not dieting…

Who has been your greatest inspiration to date?

Biggest inspiration has been one of the old members of my gym, Jamie Johal who trained at our gym then entered UKBFF and qualified then got his sponsorship deal with NRG fuel. He is extremely knowledgeable and willing to help everyone, [He’s an] absolute giant!

What do you do to ensure a speedy and effective post workout recovery?

To ensure a speedy recovery I like to intake protein around 10-20 minutes straight after training which is why I usually take a lunchbox with fish, green beans and chopped almonds in to warm up straight after the gym.

Talipa Fillets

This meal normally contains around 30g of protein, which your body will absorb quickly. Depending on how strict you're dieting it's also wise to refuel your glycogen storage after training so brown rice/sweet potato etc. could be added to this.

What were the three biggest workout lessons you
learnt during your journey?

Split your workout into two body parts; split your leg workout into quads, calves and hamstrings all on separate days, train your weakest points twice a week.

What training and dietary advice would give to someone looking to get into fitness?

  • Training - work as hard as you possibly can in the set amount of time you have. Train with a training partner, someone who is more experienced than you that can show you different things and push you to your goals (make goals prior to training e.g. I want to lose 5% body fat or increase 10% muscle mass etc.).
  • Diet wise - get a well-trained professional to tailor your diet around you. There's nothing worse than not looking forward to each meal or not liking things on the diet! Diet food is not normally flavoursome but there are tricks and tips that can make them enjoyable!

List three whole foods you simply couldn't live without…

Luke Gibbons

Fish, Chicken and Oats!

What's your favourite “cheat” meal?

My favourite cheat meal is undoubtedly a full rack of Jack Daniel's BBQ ribs from TGI Fridays with chips and brownie sundae for dessert. It's the one thing I thought about all week!

What do you think has the biggest impact on muscle growth – diet or training like an animal?

One hundred percent say diet, if you were training the hardest you possible could and weren't refuelling your muscles correctly they would not grow! I believe in the saying that it’s 70% diet 30% training, I train all year round but unless my diet is clean my gains are non-existent - all that occurs is adiposity!

if you were training the hardest you possible could and weren't refuelling your muscles correctly they would not grow!

What are your long term and short-term fitness goals?

My short-term fitness goal this minute is to place at the BodyPower weekend in the UKBFF Juniors category. This would be a huge achievement for me and would make it all worthwhile.

Long term I would love a sponsorship which would help me drive towards competing for British qualifiers and who knows… Maybe internationally!

What supplements do you take, if any, and why?


Main supplement I take twice a day is whey protein. It's a quick and easy way to add high quality protein with low carbs and calories to your diet whilst tasting amazing. I look forward to adding chocolate orange whey to cooked oats every single day!

I also use branch chain amino acids in the form of a juice during training purely as it tastes amazing and it provides key amino acids to your muscles whilst they are being broken down during training.

Final supplements I use are vitamin tablets as when on a strict bodybuilding diet, fruits are normally cut down or out completely so these vitamins need to be replaced.

How do you stay motivated to train the way you do?

I stay motivated by seeing the effects training and dieting has on my body. When dieting strictly, you can see changes take effect rapidly; week-by-week improvements are made! My training partner is also fantastic at pushing me to my limits and he knows what I should be doing to go that extra mile.

What is your biggest gym pet peeve?

Luke Gibbons

My biggest pet peeve in the gym is probably a common one, people using extremely poor technique! Too many times have I seen people use a weight on a squat or leg press that they are physically not able to do, yet they do a quarter of a rep, its just going to cause an injury.

It would be more beneficial to that person to use half the weight, and participate in extremely slow, controlled repetitions to failure. Control is the key for me. I like to isolate each muscle and feel which part of each muscle is working.

How can we, and MuscleFood Fans, get updates on your fitness and competitive progress?

My progress is always tracked, I take pre- and post-diet photos and take pictures of foods I prepare such as protein pancakes, and I post them through Instragram – lukeeyg, or Facebook (Luke Gibbons). I will be uploading several pictures post UKBFF show, also including the treats I'm about to consume!

Any last words?

Watch this space as they say…