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It only takes one simple change to transform your life. For Josh Wolrich, that One Change was choosing to buy his groceries from Muscle Food in order to cook healthier, leaner meals. Two stone down later, and Josh is fitter and happier with no intention of looking back.

The Doctor That Had Enough

Josh Wolrich – AKA Dr. Wolrich – spent much of his teenage years and early adult life being overweight. Like most dieters, he would follow any mainstream diet that was out there in a bid to shed his excess pounds, until one day he had had enough.

Weighing in at 96.2kg with a 42-inch waist, Josh set himself a target weight of 85kg and made One Change to ensure he reached his goal. Within 6 months, he smashed it.

"I just had enough. Enough of the hypocrisy of telling patients that they needed to lose weight and get healthy, despite being overweight myself."

Dr. Josh Wolrich

All It Took Was One Change

Having tried most mainstream diets to no avail, Josh knew the only way he was going to lose the weight for good was to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

That’s why he chose to buy his lean meats and groceries from Muscle Food! Not only was the quality guaranteed, but he could control more of what was going into his body and cook deliciously healthy meals from scratch.

In just 6 months, Josh lost a staggering 12kg along with an impressive 7-inches off his waist. Now, he understands what it takes for his patients to get in shape and he’s able to give them helpful tips on how to stay the course.

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