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Making Good Nutrition Your Lifestyle

By Dan Rayner

Whether you're a regular gym goer, a power-lifter, an Olympic athlete, or a participant in Zumba once a week, you cannot out train poor nutrition.

You've probably seen it a thousand times, it's 30% workout, 70% nutrition, or it's 20% workout, 80% nutrition.


It's 100% workout and 100% nutrition. Let's explore a few key factors and look at the reasons to why your performance levels could be suffering.


About Dan

Dan Rayner is the Pure Elite Beach Body Pro World Champion, International Male Model Pro World Champion, part time model and fitness blogger, who is based in Herne Bay, Kent.

He can be contacted on for one on one personal training and online coaching. With his website being

You can also connect with Dan via social media, by searching Dan Rayner Fitness on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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