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MOOB JOBS On The RISE – Male Breast Reduction Surgeries Soar By 65% In One Year

  • 40% of men affected by gynaecomastia – otherwise known as Moobs
  • Moobs are caused by an imbalance of oestrogen and testosterone sex hormones
  • Highest percentage of men inquiring about Moob Jobs are aged just 18-34
  • Would YOU pay for a Moob Job? Take part in our poll at the bottom!

Boob jobs are a thing of the past – the number of men looking for a ‘moob job’ is skyrocketing.

Body confidence amongst males seems to be at an all-time low, as more and more are enquiring about breast reduction surgery, hoping to get rid of their ‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs’ for short.

The condition – officially known as gynaecomastia – affects 40% of men, including high-profile sufferers like Simon Cowell, Ricky Gervais and TOWIE’s James Argent.

Simon Cowell Man Boobs

Celebrity music mogul, Simon Cowell, is affected by this condition along with up to 40% of men – the proportion of which is rising.

And according to a plastic surgery comparison website, enquiries to treat moobs have risen by 65% compared to last year.

Typically, moob jobs can start at £3,700, and will work to remove excess fat from the breasts – but all of this leads to one question.

Why do people pay for quick fixes?

Body confidence issues are on the rise in Britain, and it’s obvious to see why people are feeling the pressure to artificially improve their body.

James Argent Man Boobs

TOWIE’s own James Argent is another famous moob sufferer. The highest percentage of moob job inquiries came from men aged 18-34.

From a rapid increase in moob jobs to a rise in the use of steroids amongst young men, the answer is clear – typical body representations in both social and wider media are forcing this to be a problem.

Drastic measures like this are not a “quick fix,” as they will only be temporary without a good diet and exercise.

It only takes six weeks to get that amazing beach bod – work off the love handles and those dreaded moobs.

Would YOU pay for a moob job? Answer in our poll!

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