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Mark Bakotic

Vital Statistics Current
Height 6'4
Before Weight 195 lbs
After Weight 7% currently.

Mark Bakotic is a 19-year-old full time student based at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and one of the most recent winners of the coveted Physique Of The Week title.

He has only been officially lifting weights for two years after two of his best mates decided they wanted to give weight lifting a go.

Mark Bakotic - Before & After

Mark, never one to be left behind, decided to begin working out with them and quickly saw his hard work pay off.

Before he began training hard in the gym, Mark was a tall, skinny guy with little lean muscle mass, but all that changed within a matter of months when he began to see mass and definition in his lean muscles.

These results not only motivated him to train harder but they boosted his confidence too and it didn’t take long for him to want something more, though, so he filled in the application form for Physique Of The Week.

After an intense week of voting – Mark finally walked away with the title thinking to himself, “This is awesome!”

For now, though, Mark plans to continue his studies at MGCCC and train harder and harder to push himself and his body to the limits…

Mark Bakotic

Training Plan

I do workouts for each body part that are different everyday. I am sure to do at least 16 sets with 1-1.5 minute rest times. It is important to include compound exercises in these sets somewhere. If I can manage that, I will have had a good workout for the day.

Meal Plan

There is no plan. I fill out my diet day to day using myfitnesspal to track my macros. I basically have a very flexible diet that on any one day could contain any random food in existence. I start every morning with oats and I follow up with a variation of eggs, 360 days a year. Taste is certainly not my biggest concern.

The most important part of my diet is getting the correct amount of protein and it really doesn't matter where that protein comes from to me. I need 38 grams of protein per meal for 5 meals to make gains, any amount of protein I am unable to eat in the day is supplemented by gold standard whey protein.

Interview with Mark Bakotic

Congratulations on your Physique Of The Week Win!  So tell us, why did you enter Physique Of The Week?

Well I had seen one of my Facebook friends win it and I figured I'd just go for it.

Describe your reaction when you found out you’d won in 3 words…

This is awesome

What impact has winning the competition had on your workouts and personal life?

It motivates me to become even better and I am somewhat more popular.

So tell us, when did you begin training and what motivated you to start?

I began September 12, 2012 because my friends Danny Hand and Brandon Dueitt wanted to lift and I couldn't let them leave me behind.

How long were you training for before you were happy with your body?

I'd say about 4 months.

Favourite part to train?

Mark Bakotic

Did you ever feel like you wanted to give up?  How did you overcome this?

Not really, I can't stop and I won't ever stop.

If you could go back to the start, would you do anything differently?  If so, what would you change and why?

Well I'd start cycling creatine earlier than I did. I hadn't discovered creatine until about month 6.

Who has been your greatest workout inspiration to date?

My greatest living inspiration would have to be the Del Bros.

What three workout moves do you enjoy doing the most and why?

Bench press, Squats, and deadlifts, they are the core compound movements and are the most important for growth in my opinion.

What training advice would you give someone maybe considering going through a body transformation?

Mark Bakotic

Eat the correct amount of protein, cycle creatine and work out hard.

Coming to your nutrition now, what three whole foods could you not live without and why?

Oatmeal, lettuce, and cucumbers. Cucumbers and lettuce have a desirable texture and oatmeal is my main source of carbs.

What’s your opinion on eating “clean”?

I am a flexible dieter. I eat my self-prescribed protein for the day and I don't worry about carbs or fat too much. But I am conscious of how much fats and carbs I eat. Bottom line, protein is the most important to fill out day to day.

What do you think is key in achieving a fitness goal – nutrition or training and why?

Training, my workouts are insane and I experience better gains then people who pay closer attention to nutrition.

What nutritional advice would you give to someone considering a body transformation?

Get your protein in and the carbs and fats fall into place. If you get too fat but lack energy in workouts cut back on protein and up the carb intake. I pay very little attention to fats. But they should ideally be the smallest portion of your diet.

Do you use supplements?  If so what do you use and why?

Creatine and protein shakes; I use them to make gains. Creatine helps a lot with keeping fat low and protein shakes fill help to supplement my protein intake to where it needs to be.

What were the three biggest lessons you learnt during your fitness journey?

Always have a workout partner, find good music to work out to, and finally be sure to control your workouts and keep them moving at a quick pace.

What is your personal end goal to your training at the moment?

I want to be a Del Bro.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

When you are shredded, you can get away with anything.

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