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Martin Stevenson - Bodybuilder

A Career In Bodybuilding

I’m Martin Stevenson and have been competing as a bodybuilder since 2001. I got hooked on this sport in 2001 when I entered my first competition, Mr Northern UK Intermediates, with only 12 months training and placed 4th.

After this contest, I realised that bodybuilding was the passionate sport I wanted to pursue and, under the direction of Stuart Cosgraove, I set about training more vigorously for the same competition the following year.

Feeling fit, healthy and strong, I entered and placed 1st – this day cemented my determination to succeed in this sport and I went onto compete in the NABBA Mr England Intermediates in 2003, I qualified as a personal trainer in 2006 and place 3rd in the 2010 UKPFF Mr Hercules Super Heavyweights to name but a few!

The training for these competitions demands a lot of dedication. I spent a lot of time studying all the information I could get on how vital nutrition and eating right was in helping me perform better. I think all of the knowledge I gained pushed me to open my own gym so I could share my experience with others who wanted to train hard and compete.

In November 2005 I succeeded in this and opened Olney Health & Fitness Ltd based in Olney near Milton Keynes.

I’ve qualified for the WABBA Universe in December 2012 and am wanting to win the Extra Tall Class, but am currently enjoying the off-season.

Competition History


OPEN ‘Mr. Northern UK’ Intermediates 4th

OPEN ‘Mr. Northern UK’ Open 4th


OPEN ‘Mr. Northern UK’ Intermediates 1st

OPEN ‘Mr. Northern UK’ O/80kg 2nd

EFBB ‘Mansfield Classic’ Intermediates 3rd

EFBB ‘British Finalist’ Intermediates

OPEN ‘Fitness 2000-Mike Ahearn Classic’ Intermediates 1st

OPEN ‘Fitness 2000-Mike Ahearn Classic’ OPEN 4th


NABBA ‘Mr. England’ Intermediates 4th


Qualified as Personal Trainer


UKBFF ‘Midlands’ Super Heavyweights 2nd

UKBFF British Super Heavyweights Finalist


UKBFF ‘Leicester’ Super Heavyweights 1st

UKBFF British Final Super Heavyweights 5th

UKBFF ‘Mr. Hercules’ Super Heavyweights 3rd


IFBB Amateur Olympia International Grand Prix 9th

UKBFF ‘Bodypower’ Super Heavyweights 3rd

UKBFF ‘Bedford’ Super Heavyweights 1st

UKBFF British Super Heavyweights Finalist

WABBA Mr. UNIVERSE Germany Extra Tall Class 7th

Example Off-Season Diet Plan

7.30am - 50g Whey Protein/ 60g Vitargo

9am - 150g (Dry) oats / chopped banana / 3 scoops Whey Protein / 3 Dessert Spoons Udo’s Oil

12pm - Large Baked Potato / Brocolli / 300g MuscleFood Fillet Steak

3pm - Pre training 3 scoops TTP Anabolic


4pm - Post training 75g Whey Protein / 100g Vitargo

5pm - 100g Basmati Rice / 300g Cooked Turkey

6pm - Large Sweet Potato / 300g Cooked MuscleFood Chicken Breast

8pm - 3 scoops Casein / 3 dessert spoons Udo’s oil.

Example Pre Comp Diet Plan

7am - 150g (Dry) oats / 40g Whey Protein

10am - 150g cooked MuscleFood Chicken Breast / 1 tablesp Udos oil

12pm - 100g brown rice / 10oz green beans / 150g cooked MuscleFood Chicken Breast

3pm - 150g cooked MuscleFood Chicken Breast / 1 tablesp udos oil / 10g glutamine

5.30pm - 5 egg whites, 1 scoop Whey Protein


7pm - 150g MuscleFood Fillet Steak

8.30pm - 150g cooked MuscleFood Chicken Breast

10pm - 150g cooked MuscleFood Chicken Breast / 1 tablesp udos oil / 10g Glutamine


Supplements help create a balanced diet I tend to use BCAAs, glutamine, TTP Anabolic, casein, Udo’s oil and whey protein powder.

It’s important to stay in shape even during the off-season it’s better for your blood pressure and joints. I like to eat a lot of protein rich foods like chicken, turkey and steak with a moderate carb intake.

My food is my fuel, without it, or if I have the wrong intake, can seriously affect my training and performance.

Example Of Training Split

Monday - Chest & abs

Tuesday - Back

Wednesday - Legs & abs

Thursday - Shoulders, traps and rear delts

Friday - Biceps / triceps & abs

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - Rest

I work out 5 days a week, for about 1 hour a session, with 2 rest days. Normally I train heavy for 6 weeks then a further 6 weeks with higher reps and shorter rest times.

My Top Tip

Enjoy your training and constantly evaluate your progress.