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Matt Windle

Vital Statistics Current
Height 1m62cm
Weight 57kg
Fight Weight 51kg
Body Fat 10%

Matt ‘Man’ Windle might look like your average boxer, but Matt has another talent that isn’t so obvious – poetry!

In his own words Matt is a ‘poet by day, and boxer by night’ blending his love of lyrical artistry and boxing by spending his days working in schools, prisons, libraries, foster homes or even care homes teaching people, young and old, how to write poetry or raps; then spending his spare time training hard to further his already successful boxing career.

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Matt Windle

Meal Plan

Saturdays is when I tend to have a nice, juicy Muscle Food steak with a load of veg and a couple of Yorkshire puddings.

Training Plan

  • Mon.


    • AM)
    • Core workout with a 5-7 mile run.
    • PM)
    • Sparring/gym session of pads, bags, shadow boxing, skipping etc finished with some top end fitness drills.
  • Tue.


    • AM)
    • Strength & Conditioning (S&C) consisting of Power cleans, Bent rows and Back squats finished off with core work.
    • PM)
    • 3-4 mile fitness run.
  • Wed.


    • AM)
    • Core work with 60-90 minute yoga workout.
    • PM)
    • Sparring.
  • Thu.


    • AM)
    • S&C consisting of Power snatches, Military press and Front squats, completed by core work.
    • PM)
    • 2 mile fitness run.
  • Fri.


    • AM)
    • Core work and a 5-7 mile run.
    • PM)
    • Sparring or interval work on bags and pads combined with exercises. Session finished off with hill sprints.
  • Sat.


    • Deep tissue massage and rest day.
  • Sun.


    • AM)
    • Technical pad work.
    • PM)
    • Track sprints changing weekly between 1k, 800m, 400m and 100m with a 2 lap circuit.

Matt windle Interview

What does a typical day at the gym look like?

Partly why I love my training so much is that there is no ‘typical’ day. We cover all bases from sparring, pads, top end fitness, strength & conditioning, sprints and even yoga! My coach keeps me on my toes and I like that.

boxing titles

What does a typical days meal plan look like?

When I’m training for a fight it looks healthy and colourful! The usual; porridge, turkey, fruit, veg, Greek yogurt, fish etc.

Do you have one food you couldn’t live without?

Chocolate! Although I have to live without it for 2 to 3 months every time I’m in training, but as soon as the fight is over I want a bite of chocolate.

What’s your favourite Muscle Food product?

This may be an unusual answer but I really like the cartons of egg whites. There’s so many different ways you can use them. Whether it be scrambled at breakfast with some protein bread or as an omelette with onions and mushrooms after training in the evening. It’s a great way for me to naturally get the protein that my body needs.

Do you have cheat meals? If so tell us a typical meal.

After the fight I ‘cheat’ every day for about a week! I love all types of food but when I’m on diet I try not to go too mad. The worst thing that I’ll do for a cheat is have a nibble of chocolate whilst watching fights on a Saturday night. I’ll occasionally have a Yorkshire pudding or two with my steak and veg. Oh and I love tucking in to a Reflex R-bar at the end of a long weeks training.

Do you use any supplements? If so which ones.

Not so much, I’m pretty old school when it comes to that although I have started to use BCAA’s, L-Glutamine, Nexgen Pro and Zinc Matrix courtesy of Reflex Nutrition.

matt in fight gear

How do you stay motivated?

By having a love and a passion for the sport. As soon as I’ve achieved one goal, I don’t pat myself on the back and rest on my laurels. I instantly create a new target and a new goal for myself to aim towards. The young people that I work with in schools give me all of the motivation that I need as well. They’re amazing and have so much potential that they make me want to do something special with my own life and hopefully by doing that I can inspire them to do something with theirs.

Do you fight orthodox or southpaw?

I am orthodox.

What is your most memorable moment in a boxing ring?

It has to be reaching the Haringey box-cup final two years in a row. It’s the biggest boxing-cup tournament in Europe and the best fighters compete in it.

Although the first belt I ever won was the Birmingham title back in 2012 and that’s still one of my proudest moments as it was my first ever title in boxing.

What is your signature move?

People know me for my left hook to the body. Ricky Hatton was my boxing idol growing up, so there’s not much that I love more than sinking a shot in to somebody’s ribs.

Matt in the ring

Who is your boxing hero?

Ricky Hatton was mentioned in my last answer. He’s the fighter that I grew up watching as I prepared for my first ever contest.

What’s your favourite fight of all time? 

All of the cliché ones I guess; Gatti v Ward, Barrera v Morales, Castillo v Corrales. Like most fight fans, I love to see toe to toe action.

So now we know more about your boxing, we’d love to know more about your poetry talents!

I always enjoyed writing as a kid, Poems as a young boy and then ‘RAPS’ as a teenager. But it was rather unusual really as to how I fell into poetry. I got excluded from my mainstream school and had to attend a Pupil Referral Unit school. Cutting a Long story short; my English teacher, Sue Barnes noticed that I had a talent as I wrote a poem for course work. She consistently encourage me to apply for the Birmingham Young Poet Laureate competition and as the saying goes – ‘The rest is history.’

poetry and boxing

Do you enjoy your job? What is the best part about it?

I LOVE my job, with a passion. I pray that I never have to do anything else for a living (apart from box) for the rest of my life. The best part about my job is the young people that I am fortunate enough to work with on a weekly basis. When someone says at the start of the day; ‘I hate poetry, it’s boring’ And then at the end of the day says; ‘That was actually quite good. Are you coming in again?’ That makes it all worthwhile for me.

I often get messages years later from students that attended one of my workshops saying something along the lines of;‘ Thank you for inspiring me on that poetry day. You’re one of the reasons that I now do what I do for a living. Thank you for giving me some confidence.’ Who could want to do anything else for a living when you have an occupation that can help a young person make something of their own lives?

poem about musclefood by matt windle

Would you prefer people to hear of you through Boxing or Poetry?

I’m really not fussed either way to be honest. When I speak to people in the boxing world there’s always someone nearby to say ‘He’s a poet you know’ and when I get introduced on to stage for a performance I often hear ‘He’s also a boxer so if you don’t like his performance keep it to yourself’. As long as people do hear about me, then I’m happy.

matt windle

Do you have a favourite Poet?

It undoubtedly has to be Buddy Wakefield. He’s American and a former world poetry slam champion. He’s amazing. Like, insanely good. If his talent fell from his mind and in to his feet he’d be Cristiano Ronaldo.

When do you feel you compose a poem best?

When the house is quiet and empty, when I can just sit in front of the computer without any distractions and write. Time is irrelevant. I can write all hours of the day and night as long as the house is tranquil. Sometimes I try writing a poem simultaneously to Mom watching The Chase or Countdown but it never turns out too good!

What is your greatest achievement to date?

Same as my proudest moments really. 2x Haringey box-cup finalist, 2x Midland champion and Boxing News had me ranked 8th in the country, so to receive a national ranking is something that I would never have imagined.

Aside from the boxing I became Birmingham’s Young Poet Laureate in 2007/8 which was a very proud moment for me. I was also lucky enough to be chosen to carry the Olympic torch back in 2012 for all of the work that I do in schools.

What’s next for you in terms of boxing goals?

To win my professional debut. That has paramount importance to me. Once the first one is out of the way hopefully I will keep winning and then who knows where I’ll end up!

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Yes, I’d like to share a video of an interview and poetry performance that I did in December 2014 if anybody would like to see what I do when I’m not fighting.