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Melody Coleman

Vital Statistics Current
Age 25
Height 170cm
Weight 60kg
Body-Fat 20%

Melody Coleman has come from a rich sporting history to become a successful personal trainer and blogger with a rich background in nutrition and strong aspirations to help others.

It all began with the encouragement of her parents to join a whole host of after school sports clubs and go swimming. New experiences quickly became her lifeblood – taking on scuba diving, rock climbing and horse riding – but one thing was clear… She loved being athletic.

This passion was passed through her teaching and inspiration to others, which led to the next step in her journey – becoming a personal trainer. As she realised her love for helping people, it’s become her mission to educate the population on healthy food choices and exercise motivation.

The dream then became her business reality with Body Project. This is a self-built platform for Melody to share her work and share the “user manual you need for your body,” making the daunting world of fitness accessible to all.

Beyond this, she’s blogging like crazy – sharing all of her nutrition and fitness advice with her travelling stories (some of which we’re jealous about)!

So what is all of this leading to? Well, Melody is most certainly not done yet… She’s working on her first book as her next big business goal, and ruthlessly working towards nailing a standing back flip on her personal time.

Melody Exercising

So, when we got the chance to sit down with her and have a chat, there was only one question we really wanted to know the answer to – just where does she find the time?!

Meal Plan

I don't stick to a strict meal plan at all… My approach to nutrition is, well, nutrition!

I do my best to ensure that everything I eat is as nutrient-dense as possible - which means that I consume mostly veggies, seafood, and lean meats, while avoiding large portions of foods like pasta and rice that don't offer sizeable nutrient content.

I know what my macros should roughly be, and each plate of food will reflect that. Here's a possible week in the life of me:

Melodys Food Choices


This has to take me 5 minutes in the morning, so most days I'll just chuck onion, peppers, and tomatoes (or any veggies I've got in the fridge) in a frying pan with a little olive oil, add two eggs and scramble!

I sometimes add cheese and a sprinkling of chilli flakes for extra flavour, and I have a ground seed mix that I add to most recipes to boost my intake of good fats. Otherwise it's good, old-fashioned oats with whatever toppings I fancy on the day. 


Fruit and nuts or a portion of carrot and cucumber sticks. 


Huge salad with plenty of leaves and as many tasty vegetables as I can find with either chicken or fish. If I've prepared the night before, I might have made a tray of Mediterranean roasted vegetables, or sweet potato and carrot fries. Yum! 


This could be anything, but it will always be cooked with fresh ingredients. One of my all-time favourite meals is sesame honey chicken with sweetcorn and steamed greens.

I get home late from work most nights, so my dinners are either prepped beforehand, or take no more than 15 minutes to cook. 

Training Plan

I beat the Monday blues and kick-start each week with my most enjoyable workout. I have three whole hours in my favourite place (East London Gymnastics if you were wondering!) to work towards my main goal of a standing backflip.

After that, my schedule is pretty legs-focussed as I'm keen to rehabilitate from knee and ankle injuries, and build lower body strength and shape. 

I incorporate as much movement variety as possible into my Wednesday morning circuit (and any other free time during the week), and enjoy another epic gymnastics session on Thursdays with my with my legendary coach Matteo, and training buddy Lettie. 

I go as heavy as I can on Fridays, as I know I'll have plenty of rest and a light recovery workout over the weekend. I make sure to get some sort of recovery work done daily to maintain the mental and physical energy necessary for a busy work and training schedule! 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Morning: Gymnastics: 3 hours to practise front & back flips & handsprings, handstands, and some work on the beam.

Afternoon: Knee Rehab: various unilateral (single leg) movements and balance challenges.

Afternoon: High volume legs: 3-5x15 of each with core exercises between sets

- deadlift
- squat
- single leg press
- curtsey lunge
- glute bridge
- variarious glute, ham and quaf specific moves.

Morning: short and sweet and sweaty! Bootcamp style full-body circuit with a range of functional/bodyweight exercises and cardio intervals

Afternoon: Knee Rehab: various unilateral movements and balance challenges.

Thursday Friday Weekend

Morning: Gymnastics session with coach practising handsprings and flips, and drilling in technique.

Afternoon: Plyo legs: 3x10-15 of each

- split squat
- prowler spring
- a few varieties of walking lunges
- box jump "assault course" with lots of varied, complex movement
- tyre flips

Morning: Heavy legs 5 x 2-5 of each

- deadlift
- squat
- split squat
- box jump for height

Morning: Purely for fun, could be any of the following
- yoga

- circuits in the park
- gym session with pals
- dancing
- swimming
- trampolinign

Afternoon: Knee Rehab: various unilateral movements and balance challenges.


- Rolling, stretching and other dynamic mobiity work

- play! i have a lot of fun experimenting with movement in the gym, which definitely keeps me strong and limber

- meditation

- minimum 8 hours sleep.


Melody Coleman

Hi Mel, let's start things off with an easy one - tell us more about your sporting history…

I've always been athletic, my parents used to send me to all sorts of after school sports clubs, for which I can't thank them enough! I danced for a few years when I was a kid, and still love to go to classes now, although I don't get to practise it very frequently.

I was a great little swimmer (I started as a baby) and worked my way up to a fairly decent level until I became a teenager, which of course meant I was too cool for anything other than hanging out with my friends! Fast forward a few years - I've tried all sorts of new stuff like rock climbing, horse riding, and scuba diving.

Although my main interest for the past few years has been gymnastics, swimming has always been my favourite pastime - I spend all my holidays snorkelling and playing in the water! I'm a real lover of movement and I naturally like to explore that in every way I can. 

With such a varied sporting past - why did you decide to become a PT?

melody in the gym

I became a PT initially because I enjoy teaching, and happen to be pretty good at it. What I didn't realise when I set off down this path is just how much I love helping people, and how many people need my help. At school, many of us are not taught the skills we need to take care of our health.

Most kids leave school not knowing how to plan and prepare meals, make healthy food choices, exercise, or motivate themselves. This is simply not good enough.

My passion is empowering people with the information they need to become the best versions of themselves, and seeing them surpass even their own expectations! 

How do you think your personal experiences benefit your clients?

I've been unfortunate in the past with sporting injuries, partly due to overtraining and a lack of focus on workout recovery in my early strength training days.

I started learning about sports injuries as a way to prevent and rehabilitate my own issues, and now I use the knowledge I've gained to the benefit of my clients. I have a real appreciation for the importance of safe and effective movement, and do my best to ensure that all of my clients move well, lowering their risk of injury during hard exercise.

With excellent body awareness, coordination, and fine motor control comes true athleticism. 

How would you describe your diet? Clean? Paleo? Just generally healthy?

I really love healthy food. Ready meals and stuff out of packets just doesn't tempt me (apart from biscuits, obviously), so my diet is naturally very nutritious. I eat out sometimes of course, and might order a pizza on a Saturday night with not an ounce of guilt.

I generally eat seasonally - lots of hearty stews and other comfort foods in the winter, followed by fresh salads and lighter meals in the summer. That means I'm often leaner in warmer weather. For me, it's the perfect balance. 

Melodys Food Favourites

If we were to open your fridge right now, what would we find there?

LOTS of vegetables! Aubergine is one of my current favourites, and I'll always have leaves, onion, peppers and sweet potatoes stocked up. Other than that you might find almond or hazelnut milk, some berries and other fruit for smoothies, and cheese, eggs, fish, chicken and chorizo/prosciutto ham. 

Are there any foods you simply wouldn't touch with a 10ft bargepole?

Easy: McDonalds. I'm game to try any weird and wonderful food in the world - escargot, sheep's brain, cow's tongue - no problem, but I'd turn down a Big Mac and fries without a second thought even if you offered me a tenner to eat it. 

Number 1 foodie weakness?

I LOVE tea and the only thing better is tea and biscuits – it’s my guilty pleasure. 

How do you feel about supplements? Essential for results or a waste of money?

Supplements certainly aren't essential for results, but they are by no means a waste of money! I always recommend getting nutrients from real food where possible, but supplements are a highly useful, time-saving, and cost effective method for making progress.

The clue is in the name: supplementing a healthy diet and lifestyle with good quality products is the best way to achieve excellent results. 

What's your favourite way to work out and why?

My favourite workouts always involve some sort of movement challenge. I love the idea of being able to do flips, handstands and other impressive tricks - things like gymnastics, dance, and parkour excite me!

Gaining new skills beats lifting slightly heavier weights each week hands down. All of my strength training is geared towards making improvements in the other sports I practise. 

melody doing exercise in the sea

How has this changed over the past few years?

My passion hasn't changed at all over the past few years - although I've gone through a natural progression stemming from my exploration into movement.

This encompasses all sorts of practises, and I've experimented with boxing, yoga, pole dancing and free diving. Some things still on my list are circus arts, outdoor climbing and surfing. 

Favourite body part to train?

Legs! I could train legs every day and never get bored. 

And the one you loathe?

I don't enjoy training upper body, particularly shoulders and arms. My programme only really has a couple of back exercises in it, and the rest of my upper body strength comes from springing, crawling and climbing. 

What motivates you on those days you'd rather sit in your jammies and eat rubbish than gym?

A few things keep me active when I'm feeling more PJ's than PB's. If I have a fun workout planned (which I often do) then there's no problem, and I constantly have my goal in mind.

I might train with friends on the weekend, which is when I'm most likely to skip a workout, and always make sure I have some gym gear ready to go. If my workout clothes and kit are ready when I need them, that's one less excuse to not train. 

When it comes to nutrition and clean eating however, there's only one main motivator to keep me in check - the knowledge I have an upcoming event or holiday that I need to be in shape for… Nobody wants to feel bloated in a party dress or bikini! 

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the gym?

melody in the gym

Find a professional to teach you what you need to know, and do your own research, too. By skipping a big chunk of trial-and-error learning, you can focus on just the important information and see better (safer) results, sooner.

Get your end goal in mind, and even if you fall off the wagon remember that you're taking more forward steps than backward ones, and making healthier decisions becomes easier the more you practise. 

Who is the one person you dream of meeting and/or working with?

I'm extremely grateful to work and train alongside some incredible athletes and fitness industry experts - my friends and colleagues inspire me every day. They are so varied in their passions and interests, but have many qualities in common.

The drive and enthusiasm required to really excel are qualities I value highly in people, and I love spending time with positive, confident people. I'm already surrounded by superstars! 

In terms of famous faces, I would have said Joe Wicks (the Body Coach and author of Lean in 15) based on his massive recent success, but I already had the pleasure of meeting him a few weeks back.

I got the chance to ask for some tips as I'm writing my first book, and we chatted about handstands and foam rolling. Other than that I would jump at the chance to work with world-famous physical therapist Kelly Starrett.

His online tutorials and books sparked my interest in biomechanics and have helped myself and my clients to understand more about our bodies and how we can use and care for them better. 

What has been your greatest achievement to date?

100% my greatest achievement is building and growing my business: the Body Project. I started with a raw idea that I believed in right from my core, and without a clue how to run a business, I have worked tirelessly to this day to establish a platform from which to spread my message and ideals.

By no means do I feel like I've got it all together, but it works! I'm living the dream of teaching people how to value their bodies, and I'm still learning every day. My clients make me so proud, and their achievements - large and small - make all my efforts worth it. 

What's next for you?

melody swimming

There's a lot on the horizon at the moment! My biggest plans this year revolve around blogging and travel. I've been trying out lots of new sports and activities, and am planning some health and fitness-related trips.

I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise of course, as I'll be blogging about my experiences along the way! I'll continue to research and put together most of the content for my book, which often has to take a backseat as my daily activities take over. 

Also, in just a few weeks I'll be one of the founder trainers at Best's Bootcamp - it's a brand new, uber-fashionable fitness venue situated right next to Charing Cross station in London hosting immense circuit style workouts.

I adore great music, and the atmosphere at Best's is like nothing you've ever seen. I can't wait! 

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

So much… I could write an entire book! Until I do, you can follow my social media to keep up to date on all my posts, videos and interesting shares. Be sure to say hi when you do, I answer all of my comments, posts and messages and would love to interact with you.